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The trees are up! We have the regular Christmas tree upstairs and Cindy’s special “Elf Tree” downstairs…

Christmas tree Elf tree

and the house…

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

I’ve said you always know what time of year it is by looking at our house! And the tradition continues 🙂

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Here’s the picture of our little Christmas elves and their dog that’ll go on the family Christmas card this year, which will be sent out late, as is our family tradition!

Christmas Pic

And the runner’s-up were…

Christmas Pic Christmas Pic

Notice, the best behaved subject in the pictures was Charlie, the dog! 😉

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In preparation for St. Nick’s visit, Kameran and her May-May have erected a fabulous gingerbread abode suitable for the jolly man’s elves…

The building begins…

Building the Gingerbread House

The finished product…

Gingerbread House

Nice job! It’s a good thing this home is a giveaway, because we sure would have a tough time selling it in this market!! I hope those elves keep the yard up…

Now that the house is built, it’s time to bake some cookies for Santa…

Making cookies for Santa

…And with a cup of milk, the biscuits are placed in front of the fireplace, so Santa doesn’t miss them!

Cookies ready for Santa

I hope he doesn’t trip over them! How would I make that claim on my homeowners insurance?

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