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Today is a BIG day! Alex was recognized at school with a Character Counts! Award, “The Pillar of Trustworthiness”…

Alex Trustworthiness Alex Trustworthiness

Even “Durbie the Explorer” was there…which, I understand is a BIG DEAL!

Alex Trustworthiness

We’re very proud of Alex…and he’s pretty impressed with himself, too…

Alex Trustworthiness

as he should be…

Alex Trustworthiness

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Today is the boys’ 100-day of school. To celebrate the kids were asked to imagine what they’d look like if they were 100-YEARS-old. To them, it would be something like this…

Adam insisted that he needed a cane, while Alex said the pipe would do the trick…

100 Years

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Today, the boys school put-on a special presentation for Vets. There were vets of every stripe, active duty and retired, guard and reserve, and each service was represented. First, we started with the National Anthem, then the class president and vice president (whoda thought elementary school had a student administration?). It was very touching though, and then the classes took turns singing each of the service songs. The alumni stood when their song was sung, but I was the only one clapping and singing during the Air Force Song (a bit of a pet peeve for me)…

After the assembly, the Vets were escorted to the classes of their kids or grandkids, where the individual classes continued the celebration with a touching rendition of America the Beautiful. It was great spending Veterans Day with the boys…

Veterans Day

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Today’s the last day of school for the boys. Their classes put on a little show to close-out the year. All of the students looked cute wearing their class colors:

Class Graduation

The classes started off the show with a heartwarming pledge of allegiance:

Pledge by Adam Pledge by Alex

Then, they sang a number of songs they had learned, including America the Beautiful. Naturally, many of the songs were accompanied by hand gestures…


The event ended with a kindof hip-hop rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus,” which featured Adam busting a move…

Adam dances Adam dances

Hello Summer!

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Today was the last field trip of the year for the boys. As usual, Mom was there!

Mom on the field trip

and since it was the last event of the year, we had to get some pictures of the boys with their classes. Adam’s class looks very studious…

Adams class

while, Alex’s class, quite like Alex himself, is a tad bit silly…

Alex class

Ya know what? I don’t even know where they actually went on their field trip.

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Tonight we attended “Space Night” at Durbin Creek Elementary School. The boys, especially Adam, have been looking forward to this night for the past two weeks because there’s a laser show! Of course, Adam was a bit disappointed because, as you would expect, he was anticipating REAL lasers blasting holes in bulkheads, rather than a light show to music. Still, we had a good time with dinner, bouncy slides and stuff, the (disappointing) laser show, science experiments, and hula hoops…

Space Night Space Night

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