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So, I won’t lie, the best thing about this little car is cruising with my little buddies. This time, grandson Carter John comes with me to get some gas…


and whatever else comes our way! The road is calling…


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Heading home to Florida for Spring Break with the family. It started snowing before I left Virginia. By the time I reached the North Carolina state line, visibility was greatly diminished and progress had slowed to a crawl. So much so, that it took me almost 5 hours to get through the state! My truck was covered in snow and ice when I got to South Carolina, but by the time I crossed the Georgia line, it was clean!

What a whacky ride!

Driving in Snow

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Time is winding down on the family visit. Nana, Pa and the boys’ favorite cousin, Katie, will be hitting the road for the return home tomorrow. But today the sun was shining and the air was warm; the perfect weather for swimming trunks and kiddie pools…

Alex and Katie Katie plays with the boys

Katie plays with the boys; Alex loves the slide!

Katie in the pool

When the boys are finished lounging by the pool, Katie takes them for a drive around the yard…

Going for a drive

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Alex is all boy … he just loves toy cars and trucks. And although this little fire truck is self-propelled, he prefers “driving” it himself. In fact, he’s probably logged 500 miles this weekend … all on his knees! 😉

Alex drives

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