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Our assignment to Italy was canceled, so we’ll be hanging around the Gulf Coast for a while longer. Although we’re disappointed that we won’t be living in the birthplace of the Renaissance, modern science, and the opera, we’re happy to remain near family and friends.

As you know, I sold my Mustang in preparation for the move, and yes, I miss that little car, but it gave me the opportunity to get into something a little more practical: A Toyota Tundra SR5–nice truck with a powerful iForce V8 (271 hp w/ 313 ft-lbs of torque…ugh, ugh, ugh). It’s even got room to carry a couple of kids…

New TruckInside New Truck

So, Friday night was date night, and Cindy got to take her first ride (ever) in a pick-up truck. Yeah…I was pretty surprised to find that out myself. We went to the movies and saw “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It was a total “chick-flick”, but very funny!! Sandra Bullock’s had some work, though, on her lips (and elsewhere, more than likely), and that’s too bad. I guess she’s watches reruns of herself in “The Net” and wishes she could still look that young. Well, here’s some insight for anyone who thinks they need plastic surgery to stay young:

If it’s obvious that you’ve had work done, it only highlights the fact that you’re getting older!

Anyway, Cindy and I had a good time, and the boys enjoyed their time with Hannah.

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Dinner Out The boys are 6-months old now, and are much easier to manage solo these days. In fact, Cindy is on her own with the babies most of the week. Instead of their nanny, Miss Hannah, coming over every day, she only comes a couple of days a week and Friday night–date night. On date night, Hannah arrives about 5:30 pm, and gives Cindy and I a night out on our own. Last night, we met some friends for dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and took in a movie, “The Hangover” (which was hilarious, by the way!). We had a great time, despite a little mishap just before Hannah arrived. Alex and Adam were playing on the bed in the master bedroom, and Cindy and I were getting ready. Both of us thought the other was watching the kids when Alex, who is beginning to motor everywhere, rolled off the edge of the bed. Luckily, babies bounce! Anyway, he squealed for a bit in his mother’s arms, but was otherwise okay. And wouldn’t ya know it, we set him back on the bed, and he takes off for the edge again (this time he didn’t make it! :-)).

We returned home about 10:30 pm to a “non-eventful” report from Hannah, although Adam, it seems, stayed up a little later than he normally does (ordinarily, both kids are asleep by 8, but this night, Adam was up ’till about 9). No problem. We talked for a bit with Hannah, and she took-off for home. Cindy and I had a drink over conversation, and retired about 12:30 am. Then…


The boys are one-month old and waking up every couple of hours, which Adam did last night! At 1:30, 3:30 and 5:00, Adam was awake. First, he just needed his “passy,” so it only took a minute or two to get him back off to sleep. The next time required a small bottle and some rocking, which lasted a bit longer. The third time, Adam brought his brother into the act, and both required diaper changes and some cuddling. Anyway, the night was pretty much shot, and neither Cindy nor I got much sleep.

Now, it’s almost 9:00 pm, and the boys have been asleep for about an 1-1/2 hours. Cindy and I are getting ready for bed. Hopefully, the boys, Adam especially, have a good night sleep.

Alas, because if they (he) don’t (doesn’t), neither will we! 😉

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