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Well, not exactly: more like “converted” beds. A couple of days ago, I converted the boys cribs to toddler beds. We figured they were ready for the increased freedom the change would provide. After all, Adam was already climbing in and out of his crib at will, so this would actually make it a little safer for him.

Adams new bed

Adam took to the new arrangement right away; Alex, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care much for the change. The past two nights he wouldn’t settle down and go to sleep. Cindy ended up putting him in the Pack-n-Play, which did the trick.

So, I dis-converted (is that a word?) Alex’s toddler bed to a crib. The result? He was fine.

Alex is not a big fan of change.

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Adam is channeling his inner Houdini…

Escape Artist

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What up?

Caption courtesy of BigHugeLabs

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Pretty soon they’ll be climbing over the rail…

Alex and Adam in the crib

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Alex and Adam’s nursery with the “Two by Two” (Noah’s Ark) theme…

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