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Once a week, Mommy takes the kids to a playzone at Mr. B’s Coffee House. It’s a neat place for grown-ups and kids alike, with a coffee bar, cafe, and a large play area that’s got great stuff for little kids like Alex and Adam. Cindy took this picture of the boys sitting on bar stools while waiting for their lunch.

They look like a couple of sports announcers discussing baseball trivia during the 7th-inning stretch!

[ … ]

Adam: You know, the average baseball player will go through about 50 bats in a season. If a player has 500 at-bats, that’s 1 bat in every 10!

Alex: I used to collect bats, but got rid of ’em when they started biting! Booyah!

Adam: Sweet Sassy Molassey!

Sports Commentators

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