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Captain Blood Adam loves face painting. Every time we go to a fair, carnival, or birthday party that has face painting as an attraction, we will inevitably be purchasing a ticket and waiting in a line for Adam to become a tiger, dinosaur, superhero, or pirate. The kid has such a vivid imagination and it’s a lot of fun watching him play. He’ll ask me to put on one of his many costumes and then he’s off, the adventure unfolding as the living room is transformed into a pirate ship and he the captain, braving the high seas in search of plunder or he’s Batman, or Superman, and the furniture the tops of buildings in the city he protects from some evil supervillain.

Today, he selected the ol’ pirate stand-by that I have come to refer to as “Captain Blood” (after the character played by Errol Flynn in the 1935 film). And what accessory would make the swashbuckling pirate outfit complete? A sword crafted from trick balloons, naturally.

Note that Alex is all about the sword, but can do without the face-painting nonsense…


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