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Well, it’s the last game of the Fall Ball Season. We were the home team and Adam was the lead-off man. The pitcher was a little wild to start, but Adam had a good-eye for those inside pitches.


He had a good-eye for the right pitch, too! CRACK!


What a great way to end the season!

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The training season has begun. I always like fall ball because the focus is on skills-development, rather than games and competition. Although with Adam, there’s always competition, and he’s harder on himself than any coach would ever be!

Fall Ball Fall Ball

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The days are getting shorter, but there are lights on the field! Tonight Adam is catching…

Adam Catches

There aren’t many balls that get past him, which says a lot given these fist-time little league pitchers. The balls are just as likely to go wild as they are to go across the plate.

Adam Catches Adam Catches

He’s a leader when he’s behind the plate…

Adam Catches

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It’s been a great year, but alas, the season has come to a close. Adam was heartbroken it was over and actually shed a tear or two. He loved this team and had the best time in this league. Hell, we all did! Now, it’s the bitter-sweet trophy day. Coach John talked about each player before he presented the trophy, highlighting their strengths and contribution to the team…

Trophy Day Trophy Day

But before we go, let’s take one last look at Adam at the plate. Well done, buddy! We’re very proud of you.

Trophy Day

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