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Today is the boys’ SIXTH birthday…and boy are they proud!

Alex Birthday Adam Birthday

And although they’re twins, they each enjoy their own individual birthday, so as has become a tradition (for Mom), they each get to enjoy their own individual birthday cake. Naturally, the cake is made of cupcakes and shaped into a number representing their achievement in aging…

Birthday Cake

The boys were surprised by a visit from Auntie Diane, Auntie GiGi, and Uncle Bob, who also brought PRESENTS!!

Birthday Party

So, everyone enjoyed their cake! Obviously, Alex enjoyed his more than everyone else…

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Alex and Adam! 🙂

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Happy Birthday Daddy

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Today is the boys’ 3rd birthday! Naturally, they received the traditional birthday-cake-made-out-of-cupcakes-shaped-into-the-number-of-their-age. Please note that they EACH received a cake because heaven forbid that they feel slighted in any way. They’re also the recipients of about a bazillion balloons! Well, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit…

Happy Birthday

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Today’s my birthday. How old am I? Old enough to know better than to tell you how old I am. Seriously, though, I’m 29…or thereabouts 😉

Anyway, I really enjoyed the baseball cake mom and the boys made got me…

…so did the boys!

Alex eats cake Adam eats cake

MMMM…cake! It’s not just for wearing on your shirt! 😉

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Yesterday, Alex and Adam turned “1” … I don’t know what is more amazing, the fact that mom and I survived the first year, or that they did!! The boys had a special treat as their big sister, Jess, and niece other big sister, Kameran, came to share their special day…

There were balloons galore…and naturally, they were personalized…
Happy Birthday BalloonsHappy Birthday Balloons

They each had their own special “1” cake…made from cupcakes.
Birthday Cakes

Special personalized birthday shirts…
Birthday ShirtsBirthday Shirts

Goofy hats…
Alex with goofy hatAdam with goofy hat

Mommy and Kameran helped blow-out blew-out the candles, while the boys wondered what in the world was going on…
Blowing out the birthday candles

Then, they got a piece of cake: “What the heck is that?”
Alex considers his cakeAdam onsiders his cake

In the end, the sugar ruled the day!
Alex sugar rush

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
Adam sugar rush

(of course, a good portion of the cake was used as face paint)

Happy Birthday, Boys!!

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