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The boys love to play in their bouncy house, although not quite the way you might think. They’re not content to simply jump and bounce, nope, to achieve maximum funnage, one must also flip end-over-end…


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A condition in which we find Adam as he discovers the basement is now furnished with a bouncy house!

Adam in the bouncy house

The boys could literally have EVERYTHING and mommy would still manage to find one more item to add to their enormous collection of stuff! 😉

I’d consider advertising the basement as a “Play Zone” for the other little kids in town, but Alex and Adam make enough noise on their own. Could you imagine the rafter-shaking turmoil additional rug-rats would create?!? No, I think I’ll forgo the extra income in favor of the relative peace-and-quiet of the twin’s laughter, screams, screeches, stomps, crashes, clangs, booms, and bangs.

Besides, my TV is in the basement.

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