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The boys discuss their next move while breaking from their exhaustive outdoor activities to refresh their batteries…


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Alex holds hands with his brother while tooling around the mall in the stroller …

Alex holds hands with his brotherAlex holds hands with his brother

There’s a closeness between these two that’s amazing to watch, especially when they don’t know you’re watching!

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Get set…


Jumping the Gun

Extremely competitive, Adam tears out of the gate and immediately takes the lead, leaving Alex in the dust (not that Alex really cares).

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Nana and Pa have been visiting for the past couple of weeks.  They’re leaving tomorrow morning much to the twin’s chagrin (mom and dad are gonna miss ’em, too).  The kids will especially miss all the spoiling from Nana!  🙂

Alex and Nana

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Adam is having a conversation with his mommy. What could he be talking about with all this cooing and hooting? All he knows, really, is eating, sleeping and pooping, right?

Maybe he’s just saying, “I love you, Mommy!”

Alex and Mommy

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Mom’s been feeling a little frazzled these last couple of weeks. Adam has been suffering some stomach problems, most likely due to the formula we’ve been using. We’ve changed formula three times now, most recently, just a couple of days ago, we went to a soy-based formula and it seems to have done the trick. Still, a baby with a perpetual belly ache is hard enough to deal with, but add to that a second baby, and although relatively mild-mannered, still presents a significant challenge. So, what better way to work out the kinks and frustrations than a day at the spa?

Today, mom is getting the full treatment from the spa at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in neighboring Biloxi. The package includes:

  • Polishing Body Scrub
  • Swedish Massage
  • Beachside Beau Signature Facial
  • Spa Lunch
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Blow Dry & Style or Deep Conditioning Treatment

As for dad, he’s enjoying some bonding time with the boys. They’re both resting now. Adam’s asleep in his crib and Alex is rocking gently in his swing. He’s not asleep, just looking around while Raffi sings children songs in the background…

Later: Took the kids to the mall in Gautier (pronounced “Go-shay”) this afternoon. I needed a new set of Craftsman screwdriver bits, so we decided to head to Sears. So, I packed-up the boys and we took-off up the road (Gautier is only 6 or 7 miles away). At the mall, the boys piled into the Battlestroller Potempkin and we wheeled our way inside. As is normally the case, I made a beeline to the product I was looking for, paid the cashier and exited to the interior of the mall. Shortly thereafter, as the boys dozed in the stroller, I was enjoying a couple slices of New York Pizza. Then it was back in the van and home again.

Not a bad day for Dad.

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