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A great day for a boat ride to the Jacksonville Zoo!

Boat to the Zoo Alex at the boat

After tying-up, we headed up the dock to the zoo’s back door…

Tying Up Zoo Entrance

Unfortunately, we discovered that admission is no longer free if arriving by boat, so I fumbled for my wallet and we were soon walking down the trail.

We all had a good time, and spent the entire afternoon visiting the animals. The boys got to feed the baby giraffe…

Baby Giraffe

and pet the sting rays…

Sting Rays

we visited the snake sanctuary…


and, of course, rode the carousel!


What a great day! Afterward, we enjoyed a leisurely boat ride home. Adam was pretty tired and wasn’t quite as insistent on speed as he usually is, so we took our time.

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Today, Cindy is heading to Alabama for the birth of our new grandson (and the boys’ nephew). She’ll be there for the next few days (at least) so the boys and I kicked-off our “boys weekend” with a boat ride up the St Johns to the Jacksonville Zoo. Not only is it a great day on the water, but you get into the zoo free if you arrive by boat!

On the way up, we ran into some dolphins. The boys enjoyed watching the playful mammals frolic in the water around us, but unfortunately, my camera was always in the wrong place at the wrong time to get a meaningful photo…

Adam watches a dolphin

It’s actually a great trip to the zoo, as we cruise under several bridges and enjoy the Jax skyline and Jaguars stadium. At the zoo, we dock and walk right in…

Alex in front of the zoo sign

We saw a lot of animals, but the boys really seemed to like the alligators. I think it’s because they were covered with all this green stuff and you couldn’t tell the gator from a log in the water unless he blinked.

The boys watch the gator

And what’s a trip to the zoo (or anywhere for that matter), without some ice cream…

Adam eating ice cream Alex eating ice cream

After visiting the lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!), it was time to head for home, as my first mates helped with the lines…


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