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The boys have begun saying their prayers at night. They put their hands together and bow their heads as mom or dad says the prayer, then they both say, “Amen.” Too cute!

Note to self: Although it’s tradition, and you’d think, harmless, to wish them, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” one should never say the “bedbug” part to Adam. We said that to him, and he worriedly looked down at his mattress saying “Bite”-“Bug”-“Bite” as he climbed out of bed, never to return.

It took about 30-minutes to reassure him that there were, in fact, no bedbugs or bugs of any kind, in his bed, and there was nothing that was going to bite him.

Which was fortunate, otherwise we were looking at having to do something like this…

Bedbugs Cartoon

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Alex just loves to read. Every night before the boys go to bed, we sit together and I read them a story or two. Every night, Alex takes the book(s) we were reading and puts them in his crib. One night, I awaken to hear Alex “talking,” so I creep into his room where I find Adam fast asleep and Alex sitting in the corner of his crib with his back to me. I peer over the edge of the crib and he has the book open and is “reading” it.

Alex reads

Alex, the bookworm.

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I can’t wait until they can do this on their own! They really do seem to like it, though!!

Adam has his teeth brushedAlex has his teeth brushed

Or maybe they just like sucking the toothpaste off the brush 😉

…and for those of you wondering about the “brusha, brusha, brusha” title, it’s from the Ipana Toothpaste commercials created for Bristol Meyers Company in the 1950s, and starring none other than Bucky Beaver…

Bucky Beaver

You may also remember this commercial making a cameo in the 1978 movie, Grease (it was during the slumber party at Frenchie’s house, and Jan sang along to it, remember?)

You can find one of Bucky’s commercials here, and the Grease clip here.

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