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One of the benefits to being retired military is you still have access to all the bases in the country. Many of these bases are located on some pretty darn good real estate, like Key West’s Truman Annex,

Truman Annex

which is home to some prime beachfront…

Truman Annex

and we had it all to ourselves…

Truman Annex

Truman Annex

And with the campsite set-up, we’re ready to hit the water!

Truman Annex

Adjacent to the base beach is a state park, which is separated by a not-so-foreboding fence…

Truman Annex

which we walked around to rent some snorkeling equipment…

Truman Annex Truman Annex

and do some snorkeling…

Truman Annex

While walking on one of the trails in the State Park, we happened across this signpost. Good to know where we are in relation to other cities around the world, and it makes a nice postcard picture!

Truman Annex

We had a great time at the beach today. It was nice and quiet, which is amazing considering it’s the middle of summer! Ah, the perks of military service. It’s days like this that make all the family separations worthwhile!

Truman Annex

So, we packed-up and headed back to our hotel, where we took a dip in the pool and enjoyed a cocktail (Shirley Temples for the boys) before getting ready for dinner in town. What a way to end a great vacation! Tomorrow, we’ll be heading home.

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So, we slept-in a little this morning, then went downstairs for some breakfast. It was a bright and sunny day and we were all looking forward to spending the day in the water. It was probably about 10:00 a.m., when we walked out on the resort’s private beach. The concession folks already had our loungers and umbrellas up, so we set-up camp and got busy r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g…


We had a magnificent view…


and the water felt great!

Cindy and the Boys

We lounged on the beach and swam until the late afternoon…

Alex Adam

when we packed-up and headed to the pool for drinks and a bite to eat…and more swimming! Of course, we have to pause for a family picture…

Family on the Boardwalk

The pool area is very nice…

Resort Pool

and I’m soon in need of another drink!

I need another drink

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Today we begin our 10-day summer vacation. We arrived this afternoon at our resort in Palm Beach Shores. After unpacking and grabbing a quick bite to eat at the Cabana, we strolled out to the beach. I arranged for some chairs and umbrellas that should be up and ready for us to spend the next few days soaking-up some sun!

Palm Beach Shores Resort

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Yesterday was the boys’ last day of school and Sumer Vacation has officially started. I had some work to do in SW Florida, so Cindy and the boys were able to join me. As usual, while I worked, they soaked-up some sun. And since we were only a few miles from Lido Key, well…

At the beach

The boys had a great time in the water…and Alex even got in a little body surfing!

At the beach At the beach

This is Florida Living!!

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Today, while I work, Cindy and the boys are heading to another of the Best Beaches in the United States: Siesta Key!

Alex runs to the shelter (which is actually pretty darn cool)…

The boys at Siesta Key The boys at Siesta Key

And Cindy sinks her toes in the sand, while Adam, well, sinks a bit more…

Toes in the Sand Adam in the sand

That’s Florida Living!

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What better way is there to spend National Twins Day than taking a trip to the beach?

Up the river

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What better way to spend a hot summer day than taking a trip to the beach? Of course corralling three kids makes it a bit of a challenge, but the sun and surf quickly soothes all stress.

Adam and Kam immediately hit the waves…

Adam and Kam hit the waves Adam in the surf

Alex, on the other hand, was a content to remain a little more inland…

Alex on the beach

While Adam and Kam boogie and swim…

Boogie Board Swimming

Alex contemplates the ocean, makes a move, then thinks better of it!

Adam and Kam hit the waves Adam in the surf Adam and Kam hit the waves

Finally, Alex brings himself to join the other two within the waves…

All three in the water

Kam exits the water like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model…

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

The boys take a break from the ocean to pose for a picture with their Mama, Kameran with her May-May…

Alex and Mama Adam, Kam, and May-May

This is followed by some goofs and a bit of gymnastics!

Goofs Kam does a cartwheel

It’s almost time to go, so the kids spend a last few minutes enjoying the surf and spray!

Beach Babies

Too soon we’re loading up the van and looking forward to vacuuming out the sand.

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