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Today, we’re heading back to Jax, but first, we stop by Poppy and Grammy’s house to say, “good-bye”. While there, the boys enjoy the homemade swings on Poppy’s magnolia tree.

Swings at Poppys House

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There’s a little girl that lives up the street, her name is Paige. She and her brother, CJ, often come to the house to play with the boys. Quite surprising, really, considering they’re quite a bit older than these two-year-old twin boys. Anyway, they’re good kids and the boys love it when they come to play…

Who’ll get to the ball first?

Who else?

I can’t push the swing fast enough for Alex…his giggles intensify with the speed and height of the swing!

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Time is winding down on the family visit. Nana, Pa and the boys’ favorite cousin, Katie, will be hitting the road for the return home tomorrow. But today the sun was shining and the air was warm; the perfect weather for swimming trunks and kiddie pools…

Alex and Katie Katie plays with the boys

Katie plays with the boys; Alex loves the slide!

Katie in the pool

When the boys are finished lounging by the pool, Katie takes them for a drive around the yard…

Going for a drive

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