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This weekend, Cindy took the boys to visit big sister Jessica in Alabama. They’ve been wanting to see “Baby Oliver” and Carter John and their new puppy, Cooper! Today the took a trip to Birmingham to visit the McWane Science Center and Cindy got a picture of all the boys. How she got them to sit still to do it, I’ll never know!

McWane Science Center

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So, we’re spending a few days in Alabama visiting the (grown) kids and grandkids. Today we’re off to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center with the boys and Kameran.

Entrance to Rocket Center

Before we enter the Rocket Center, we can’t help but notice a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird on outside display…

SR-71 Blackbird

Naturally, this requires the USAF legacy airman to capture a selfie with this USAF legacy aircraft, and then one with the boys, of course…

Me and SR-71 Boys and SR-71

Once inside, there was so much to see and do…especially for the kids. There were a lot of educational displays, simulations, a centrifuge, etc. so on…

Alex in the Time Tunnel

Inside the main exhibit hall, there was a full-size Saturn V rocket…

Saturn V

and the actual Command Module from the Apollo 16 mission…

Apollo 16

Of course, Alex and Kam would rather enjoy some zero gravity inside the lunar module…

Adam and Kam

and snap a pic or two (or three) inside a space capsule trainer. Kam is riding fashionably on the outside of the capsule…

Adam and Kam

Alex Alex in the Capsule

There was so much to do and see, and we had a great time. Of course, by the end of the day, Adam was all photo’d out, as you can see…


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On the way home from Neil’s wedding, we stopped for a few minutes to enjoy a cotton field…not that we had much choice, as the boys were going on about it since the ride up to Alabama!

Cotton Field

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Visiting big brothers, Nick and Neil, in Alabama. And, yes, there was some Xbox played! 😉

Four Brothers

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Today, me and Adam hit the road to visit his big brothers, Nick and Neil and big sister, Jessica, in Alabama. His brother, Neil, just bought a house and we’re taking some furniture and other essentials to him. We’re also delivering some baby items to Jess, who will be having a baby in just a few months.

Road Trip


On the road

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Today’s our last day in Alabama and Kameran is “bored already”…

Bored already

So, we pack-up the kids and take a trip to Pratt Park, where Kameran takes the boys on a hike…

Walking to the secret place

to her “secret place” near the creek…

The secret place

All that hiking-through-the-woods-to-the-secret-place makes one awfully thirsty! Fortunately there’s a water fountain at the end of the trail, much like there was in pioneer days. Here, Kameran drinks her fill, while Alex contemplates the water fountain…

Alex and Kam at the water fountain

And with that, Kam is no longer bored, as evidenced by the best smile EVER…

Best smile

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Tonight, I’m heading out for a beer with Adam and Alex’s older brothers, Nick and Neil. Neil suggested the Aviator Bar in downtown Montgomery…

Aviator Bar Aviator Bar

Aviator Bar Girl I suppose he made this suggestion because I’m retired from the USAF and a bit of a military history enthusiast. He’s right, of course, I’ve been a student of military history for the better part of my life, hell, I spent my childhood years reading comic books based on the military and war. Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed in the bar. There was a lot of aviation memorabilia and the decor was amazing–the place actually had the look and feel of a WWII bunker! The 3-D nose art above the main bar was very impressive, too!

Aviator Bar Window Aviator Bar Dugout

So, we made our way down to the bunker…

Aviator Bar Aviator Bar
Aviator Bar

And enjoyed a great evening drinking beer and telling war stories. One the way out, we made sure to proceed with caution…


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I recently visited the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, Alabama. Naturally, I bought a hat…not just one for me, I also picked-up a couple for the boys, and they really liked them!

Adam and Bass Pro Hat Alex and Bass Pro Hat

( I really just wanted my “Humpy’s” hat back )

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Today, we set off for Virginia to visit Alex and Adam’s grandparents and extended family. We hit the road about 9 a.m. and stopped for a couple hours in Montgomery, Alabama, to see Jessica, the boys’ sister, and Kameran, their niece.

After a visit and quick bite to eat, we headed up I-85 toward Atlanta, Georgia. We got there right at rush-hour, and spent almost 2-hours getting through the city. By this time the boys were getting pretty restless, so we decided to stop for the night in Buford, Georgia, and stayed at a Hampton Inn across the street from the Mall of Georgia.

We checked-in, requesting a couple roll-away cribs (the manager had to borrow one from the Marriott next door), and moved into the room. After feeding the kids, we put them in their PJs and they were soon off to dreamland. Now it was time for mom and dad to get something to eat. So, we ordered some take-out from the Red Lobster next door to the hotel. We ate at the counter in the bathroom, so we wouldn’t disturb the boys.

Hampton InnFeast in the bathroom

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