Snow Day in Florida

Well who’da thought the boys would be snow-sledding in Florida? Here we are at the Durbin Creek Winter Festival and the event highlight is a slide covered in snow! Of course, it’s man-made snow, but as long as the temps are in the 60s, I’m perfectly okay with that!

The boys were anxious to get on the slide…well, I guess I should say, “boy”…Adam took to it right away, but Alex required a little contemplation before he was comfortable with the whole idea. But once he was ready, there was no stopping either of them!

Adam and Alex Climb Getting ready

They’d climb the stairs and zip down the slide, pick-up their sled, and run back up the stairs. There was one boy that was taking his sweet time getting up the stairs, so A^2 would bypass him each-and-every-time (to the chagrin of the kid’s parents and my secret enjoyment :-))

Adam Slides Alex Slides

It was a piece of cake!

Piece of cake!

Eventually, they boys grew tired of the snow slide, as evidenced by the boredom on Alex’s face…

Alex is Bored

So, we transitioned to the Hamster balls. The boys thought this was the coolest thing and were very excited to ride! Adam jumped right in and took off across the field!

Adam in the Ball Adam in the Ball

Alex, on the other hand, jettisoned himself from the ball no sooner than he had climbed in! He wanted nothing else to do with it, and no amount of coaxing was going to change his mind!

Alex Exits the Ball

We wrapped up the day with a relaxing train ride around the field.

The boys ride the train

What a day!

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