Well, I guess autumn is finally here! Not because there’s a chill in the air or because leaves are turning, nope, we know autumn is here because Cindy is dragging me to the first pumpkin patch of the season! Not just ANY pumpkin patch, mind you, this one comes with a “Fun Zone”…

Fun Zone Sign

And what is a “Fun Zone” without a humongous slide, which is, of course, the boys favorite thing! Pumpkins? What pumpkins??

Slide Slide Slide

With the sliding done, we’re done right? Wrong! There’s a petting zoo (of sorts)…

Adam feeds the animals Alex pets the animals

Alex was a little cautions about feeding the animals, but Mommy helped ease him into it…

Alex feeds the animals Alex feeds the animals

So with the slide done, and the petting zoo done, we’re finished, right? Wrong! There’s a hayride! Where I got to listen to the guy driving the tractor disparage the Gators. Well, what do you expect from a guy that wears two different colored socks? Yep.

Hayride Hayride

Let’s see…

Slide: CHECK
Petting Zoo: CHECK
Hayride: CHECK

We’re done now…well, not quite. There’s was this tube thing, and Alex really seemed to like it…a lot!

Alex in the tube Alex in the tube Alex in the tube

And some monkey bars…

Adam on the monkey bars Alex on the monkey bars

And a train…

Adam and Alex on the train

What’s left besides buying a $25 pumpkin on the way out? Nothing? Whoo-hoo! All-in-all is wasn’t THAT bad…and the boys had a good time. I guess the sign on the little house below says it all…

Enter if you dare

Bring on the next pumpkin patch!

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  1. sue’s avatar

    Looked like fun!



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