It’s another beautiful summer day in northeast Florida, and we’re heading into the city to watch the Jacksonville Suns play the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. The Suns are the Florida Marlins AA club; I think the Wahoos are affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds. Anyway, here’s a fun Fact: Hall-of-Famer Hank Aaron was once a Jacksonville Brave! He played here in 1953! Adam would’ve been more impressed had it been Jackie Robinson.

I love minor league baseball. The stadium here is great, there’s rarely a crowd, they’re really focused on kids and having a good time.

Adam eats a pretzel Alex's Hat

We have box seats right behind home plate, but there really aren’t any bad seats in this stadium. The boys are ready for the game to begin!

Boys' seats

As you can tell by the red and blue lips, the boys have been enjoying snow cones. My lips don’t have any color, because, well, beer.

Alex and Dad Adam and Dad

The boys’ are up-and-out of their seat as the Sun’s Right-Fielder Moises Sierra connects! Of course, Adam gave his analysis of the play afterward. In fact, everyone had the pleasure of Adam’s nonstop commentary throughout the game. 😉


It was a fun game and the Suns won 1-0. The boys loved the game, but the highlight for Alex we getting to hang-out a bit with Suns mascot, Southpaw!

Alex and Southpaw

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  1. Adrienne’s avatar

    Cuz of beer, LOL. I’m loving all your pictures. I’ll finish getting caught up another time 🙂 Does Cindy get the albums I send every now and then? We went to Chicago last weekend and I sent an album. Amazing city!


  2. forwardmemory’s avatar

    Hi Adrienne: Yes, we get the albums you send….well, Cindy does, and she always shares them with me.


  3. Sue Hanks’s avatar

    I remember going to a game when David was playing. The coach took the whole team & parents. Were you with us? Baseball is not my favorite sport, but I would enjoy if I could have Adam explain the game & what is happenings!


    1. forwardmemory’s avatar

      I must not have been invited to that one. I remember going with the Boy Scouts, though.


      1. Sue Hanks’s avatar

        Maybe it was you I went with and not david’s team. Were you & Dave in the same scout group?



        1. forwardmemory’s avatar

          Nope. Think I was in Webelos at the time.


        2. Sue Hanks’s avatar

          Thanks. Hope everything is going well with the boys. Miss their smiling faces!



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