Back at Disney! Seems like we were just here! Anyway, here we are, ready for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, that is, naturally, SOLD OUT!

Ready for Disney Sold Out

So, I’m thinking that the park was gonna be EXTREMELY crowded, but it turned out to be no so bad! The ride over on the ferry was pleasant, although Alex wasn’t too fond of the crossing at first. The sun was just going down and painted the sky…

Sunset at Disney

Exiting the ferry, we rented a stroller-cart-rickshaw and started-up main street to secure our place on the street for the parade. Did I say the crowd wasn’t too bad??


We found the perfect location for the parade: Right at the corner of the turn they make onto mainstreet! Since we had about 1-1/2 hours before the parade started, I held our position while Cindy took the boys on a ride or two. Unfortunately, Cindy adn the boys missed the castle lighting. I saw it of course, as I had been standing with our stroller-rickshaw thing and waving people off our position…

Castle Lighting Castle Lighting

Castle Lighting Castle Lighting

Castle Lighting

After what seemed like FOREVER and almost coming to blows with a couple of would-be usurpers, the parade began. And just as we thought, we had the best seat in the house!

Disney Christmas Parade Disney Christmas Parade Disney Christmas Parade Disney Christmas Parade Disney Christmas Parade Disney Christmas Parade

After the parade was over, we hit the rides…

Peter Pan, the People Mover (Alex loves this!), Buzz Lightyear, the Teacups…


Whoa! I’m dizzy just watching! and the Grand Prix Raceway…

Grand Prix Raceway Grand Prix Raceway

On the way out of the park, we stopped for a picture with the Dwarves…

Seven Dwarves

The boys had a BLAST! Dad didn’t mind it too much, either…


Tomorrow, we’re off to Disney Hollywood Studios for the boys Birthday Celebration!

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