I Got Dropped!

Sun Drop Logo Okay, so here’s the story: The year was 1949. On a sunny day, a soft drink loving man named Charles Lazier was cruising around town in the family car, noodling over his lifelong dream to make the ultimate citrus soda. We’re not sure why he was dreaming of citrus soda, but why ask why?

In a sudden burst of genius, the formula for a revolutionary thirst quenching, authentic taste sensation came to him. He scribbled it down and gave it to his son Charles Jr. (a.k.a Charles Numero Dos, Charlie Two-Times, Charles Double Dutch) who would go on to create the one, the only, the Sun Drop.

Sun Drop was launched regionally in 1951, and developed a passionate following, creating generations of deeply loyal Sun Drop drinkers who knew a good thing when they drank it. As time went on, flavors were added, the fan base grew and the secret of this indescribably delicious beverage could no longer be contained.

At long last, the days of smuggling Sun Drop across state lines are over. 2011 marks the year that Sun Drop will be available nationwide. So clear some space in your fridge, it’s time to Get Dropped.

And we have! Cindy surprised me with four bottles of Sun Drop from her trip to the store this afternoon! Sun Drop has come to PA!!

( I hope it stays )

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  1. sue’s avatar

    It is about time! I did not realize they were going nationwide, but Dave did tell us he could get Sun-Drop in South Florida now. You are right, no more hauling Sun-Drop across state lines. Remember when we lived in Orange Park and anyone who came down for a visit had to bring Sun-Drop?


    1. JOS’s avatar

      I remember. Now if they’d start selling Cheerwine, we’d be set!



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