Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

The boys got a bouncing, spinning, noise-making, and light flashing horse for Christmas…

and they feel just like the Lone Ranger!

(at least they would if they knew who the Lone Ranger was)

Of course, only one could be the Lone Ranger, the other would have to be Tonto!

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  1. sue’s avatar

    I have been checking every day for Christmas pictures. The boys look great on their horse. Have they fallen off yet? Poor Alex – do you guys leave him alone so long he just falls asleep anywhere? Just kidding, but I am surprised Adam lets him fall asleep. Christmas was great and with the twins here, it was special. It is wild at Dad’s, but wasn’t it fun? Cindy and the twins loved it! May God bless you all in 2010. Happy New Year



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