Hey Sunday Sun…

…Let’s go walkin’
And we’ll talk about some things
Kick my shoes off,
And we’ll dream about some dreams
Got to get away when the world
Gets on me

Kids in the park
Don’t take long before
I’m laughing along with them
Almost makes me think
Those times can come again
Gets me feelin’ good and yet sad
At the same time…
(Sunday Sun by Neil Diamond)

Adam runs

Alex runs to Mama Adam points

Adam kisses Mama Alex kisses Mama

Alex loves his Mama

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  1. sue’s avatar

    So thrilled to see some new pictures. It has been so long…
    Loved them all! Yes, I was over-protective – could not help it. The twins have been really busy during May. Lots of action. Nana


  2. sue’s avatar

    Oh, to see some new pictures! Twins keeping you busy!!!!!!



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