Yesterday, we took the boys to “Giggleberry Fair” at Peddler’s Village in New Hope, PA. The admission was free for the boys and just a buck-a-piece for mom and dad. The boys had a blast playing, yelling, running, jumping, splashing, sliding, banging, and clanging with reckless abandon!

First, a quick boost of energy from the bottle…

Giggleberry Fair

Adam loved going up and down in the little rocketship; Alex even joined in for a bit, but it wasn’t really his thing…

Giggleberry FairGiggleberry Fair

Alex preferred the water table! They both enjoyed playing fireman, but Alex wasn’t really into the hat…

Giggleberry FairGiggleberry Fair

They both loved the slide: Adam is a traditional slider, while Alex is a bit of a nonconformist…

Giggleberry FairGiggleberry Fair

Needless to say, they both slept very well last night!

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  1. Sue’s avatar

    I love those blue eyes. They were having a good time. Bet Mom and Dad were just a little bit tired.



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