No Christmas is complete without a visit to Peddler’s Village and Giggleberry Fair!

The kids enjoyed themselves on the carousel, well, Kameran enjoyed herself…

Kameran on the Carousel

We got mixed reviews from the boys. Adam was skittish at first, but warmed-up to it by the end of the ride; Alex wasn’t into it much at all and needed to be cuddled…

Alex and Adam on the Carousel

Look: Alex is a conehead!

Alex in the Mirror

The boys big sister, Jessica, guides them through a three-story labyrinth of tunnels, mazes, slides, and assorted obstacles…


Bubble Boys…

Bubble Boys

Kameran made a friend while at “the fair” and together they put on a darling little puppet show…

Kameran Puppet Show

Dispense with the puppets, the star of the show has arrived…

Alex, the star

Adam thoroughly enjoyed driving the firetruck. The costume was, of course, mommy’s idea…alas, it’s “Fire Marshall Bill Adam”


Giggleberry Fair: A Children’s Wonderland

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