Farewell, Miss Hannah

The day has finally arrived and we must, sadly, bid farewell to our Nanny, Hannah. She and her husband are moving away, and we wish them both the very best of luck. The boys just love her to death, and we’ll miss her very much.

Miss Hannah

Bye, Miss Hannah … 🙁

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  1. sue hanks’s avatar

    love that picture of alex. they will miss hannah


  2. Hannah Lucero’s avatar

    AWE 🙁 It has been just over a year now, and I miss all of you so much! I will just have to come make a visit sometime 🙂 I want to take Steven to D.C. within the next year, he has never been, maybe we can meet up and do something fun, like another trip to the Hershey’s factory?!?! Love you all soooooo much! xoxo

    p.s. I can’t believe they were really so small…those were the harder days, poor mommy, she NEVER got to sleep!! I can’t imagine if I hadn’t been able to be there while daddy was at work!! EEEEK!!! Crying babies all day long………



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