Today was the last day of our Spring Break Orlando Experience. We started-off bright and early through the gate to catch the monorail…

Disney Entrance

A precipitous drop in temperature made it pretty darn chilly as we entered Main Street USA. I was the only one that thought to bring a jacket, which means the first order of business is to find a store and buy something warm for the remainder of the crew!

Main Street USA

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity for the boys to join Jack Sparrow’s crew by joining the Pirates Guild! So, we spend about an hour in the stuffy room, as the boys were transformed into pirates…

Adam in Makeup Alex in Makeup

They looked great! Alex did very well, and was pretty excited when he climbed off the make-up chair to claim his pirate tools, which consisted of a sash and a sword. Adam was VERY upset that he couldn’t have one of the REAL swords that were mounted on the wall.


Adam was so upset, in fact, that he refused to pose for his pirate portrait. Not Davy Badbones, though! He was all about it!

Davy Badbones

One good thing about the LONG lines for some of the rides is the opportunity to snap a photo or two of the family…

Family Jody and Cin

Of course, the long lines and all the walking takes its toll on little legs…

Dad and Adam

The “old Standby”…no one comes to Disney to ride the Tea Cups, but it seems we always do! Well, not me.

Kam and the Boys Teacup Family

Right across from the Tea Cups is the Grand Prix Raceway! The boys loved this ride. I rode with Alex and he had a blast driving around the track!

Alex Races

Although we kept getting rear-ended by some lady driver! Hello, Kameran!

Kam and Jess Race

Well, it was a whirlwind three days, but we had a lot of fun…and made some great memories!

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