Wherein Adam was looking forward to seeing “the sharks and the robots.”

Yes, “Robots.”

I’m not sure where he got the idea there were robots at Sea World, but I sure kept my eye out for them!

(there wasn’t any, by the way).

What they did have was a giant costumed Shamu mascot that presented itself for our first photo-op…

With the Shamu Mascot

Which put us on the path to our first event of the day. The boys didn’t quite know what to expect in the auditorium, but they really liked watching Shamu perform!

Watching Shamu Shamu Performs

Here’s Adam’s first encounter with his sharks outside of the “Shark Encounter.” Man look at that BIG MOUTH! (the shark has a big mouth, too!)

Kameran Jaws Alex Jaws Adam Jaws

AFter walking around f-o-r-e-v-e-r, we took a break. The kids had some ice cream, while Cindy and Jess had a soft drink.

I had a beer!

Alex really, really likes ice cream!

Alex Loves Ice Cream

The BEST big sister EVER!

The best big sister EVER!

Finally, dinner time rolled around. We had reservations at Sharks Underwater Grill. This is a restaurant surrounded by the shark encounter aquarium. This was IT for Adam! He could hardly concentrate on his lunch!

Adam eats with the sharks

After dinner, Jess took Kam to some “big kid” rides, while me and Cindy took the kids on the Carousel. I still remember how much Alex hated these in Pennsylvania, but he loves it now!

Alex on the carosel

Of course, no ride can even come close to matching the thrill-a-minute fun of rolling down a hillside!

Rolling down the hill

Soon, Jess and Kam returned and we collected the boys, still dizzy from their 100th roll down the hill, and headed back to the hotel.

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