With our pending move to Italy in August, I decided to sell my Mustang. I coulda shipped it over for a couple grand, but alas, it’d be a little cramped for Cindy and the boys! So we’re taking the family truckster (Honda Odyssey), instead. After all, parents must be practical, right? (sarcasm intended) Of course, I coulda put it in storage, but coming back to it after three years just wasn’t too appealing. So, I listed it on eBay, and it sold in a couple of weeks. Not bad.

So, before the buyer came to pick it up, I dropped the top and took the boys crusin’ for chicks along the beach…

(but don’t tell Cindy!)


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  1. AmeliaPhua’s avatar

    Aww.. They look so adorable. And it’s a pity you had to sell your mustang. How old was it?

    Thanks. I must admit, they looked pretty cool in their shades and black “Double Trouble” tee-shirts. The Mustang was an ’07…and not too much “a pity”, another will come along… 🙂

    – JOS


  2. Di’s avatar

    So, Jody

    did they pull the girlies????

    You betcha, Di! There’s nothing better for picking up girls than a baby (and I have two!) or a dog (and I have one of those, too!)…

    Just don’t tell Cindy 🙂 It’s funny that a man can use a baby to pick-up a woman, but a woman with a baby will chase off men.

    – JOS



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