Every year we take a family photo to put on our Christmas card. It’s getting a lot easier as the boys get older, but we still need to get it done as quickly as possible because their interest still fades pretty quickly. We thought it’d be nice to flashback to the boys earlier Christmas, so I loaded the picture of the boys 2d Christmas to the television…


All-in-all, we got several good pictures and it was hard to decide which one to use, so we used several…


Of course, the boys we very cooperative this year, but Charlie, not so much…

Boys and Charlie Boys and Charlie

For my and Cindy’s picture, we put-up another early Christmas photo. This one from our first Christmas in Albuquerque…

Kiss Close

And the boys message to Santa this year is…


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  1. Adrienne’s avatar

    I just love all of your pictures! Your Christmas card was SO good 🙂 Florida looks pretty darn nice this winter. I need to e-mail Cindy and tell her that we loved the card and I need to get photo albums out this week. Hope you guys had a great Christmas.


    1. forwardmemory’s avatar

      Hi Adrienne: Thanks! We love Florida; however, it been in the low 50s this week–pretty cold for us. Cindy would love to hear from you…looking forward to the photos.



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