Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Dad: You know, Adam looks like a famous celebrity!

Mom: Really? Who?

Dad: The Little Drummer Boy!

Mom: So, you’re saying our son looks like a cartoon?

Dad: Technically, the Little Drummer Boy is a puppet.


Dad: Well, he does look like him don’tcha think?

Little Drummer Boy Adam

Dad: …ya know, Alex looks like a famous celebrity, too…

Mom: *rolls eyes* Really? Who?

Dad: The Mighty Favog!

Mom: Who?!?

Dad: The Mighty Favog is the living deity in the Land of Gorch!

Mom: What?!?

Dad: From Saturday Night Live! The Land of Gorch was a recurring sketch featuring Jim Henson’s Muppets…

Mom: So, you think both Alex and Adam have puppet-faces…

Dad:: No, only Adam looks like a puppet, Alex looks like a Muppet.

Mom: *shakes head* I feel so sorry for our kids.

Dad: Hey, it is what it is…

Mighty Favog Alex

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  1. sue’s avatar

    Dad, I can’t believe you think my grandchildren look like a puppet and a muppet!! I think they are really beautiful and Alex and Adam have perfect faces. Mom is right! Those boys are in for a rough ride. Kiss them for me.
    Love, Nana

    Hey, it is what it is! 😉

    – JOS



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