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Today we took the boys to the doctor. Alex has a rash on his neck and chest. As we suspected, it’s cause is the combination of drool from teething combined with the fact that the little guy really has no neck. 😉 So, we’re waiting in the crowded pharmacy for some nystatin cream.

We also took the opportunity, since the hospital doesn’t do 9-month well-baby checks, and the boys just happened to be 9-months old, to get them weighed and checked. All is well: Alex weighs 20 pounds and Adam weighs 22 pounds (although he feels heavier than that!!)

Adam and Alex waiting at the Pharmacy

As you can see the wait in the pharmacy was a little longer than usual. The boys had time to enjoy a snack while they watched the screen for Alex’s name to pop-up…

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Today I met Cindy and Hannah at the Pediatrician’s office for Alex and Adam’s 2-month well-baby checks. I’m happy to say, the boys are progressing well as normal, healthy, happy (well, there’s still the colic) babies.

After the doctor visit, we wheeled the boys down the hall to the immunization clinic for their vaccines. The event went much better than expected. Sure, the kids cried-out when the needles went in, but their cries were short-lived as they fell asleep almost immediately after.

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Today Alex paid a visit to Radiology for an ultrasound of his hips. Since he was in a breech position at the time of delivery, his pediatrician wanted to rule out DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip). Evidently, the breech position has a tendency to force the ball of the hip out of the socket, predisposing to dislocation after birth. The highest risk is the frank breech position with the hips flexed and the knees extended (i.e. feet up by the shoulders)–Alex was not in this position.

Since DDH is a developmental or ongoing process, it is not always detectable at birth. So, Alex will have a hip exam each time he visits the pediatrician. As the months pass, the likelihood of a DDH manifestation diminishes.

Anyway, so far, so good!

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After a night of little sleep thanks to Alex’s upset belly, Cindy and I got off to a bit of a late start for the twins’ 2-week well-baby checks. So, with the kids fed, rushed showers and coffee in hand, we loaded-up the family truckster and scooted off down the road. In the end, we were only 5-minutes late for an appointment that revealed all was well; the twins are doing fine and progressing nicely.

This was the first time-sensitive event we were involved in since the twins arrived. Considering we only arrived just 5-minutes late speaks volumes to our level of organization since any trip outside the house is akin to moving to another state! (pats himself on the back :-))

This afternoon it was tag-team naps for mom and dad, while visiting grandparents whipped-up some goodies to snack on.