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Alex wrote himself a reminder in his planner to wear his “field trip sh*t” to school today. Don’t get excited, he meant field trip SHIRT. I just thought it was funny.


Art Linkletter always said, “kids say the darndest things,” well, let’s not forget the written word because sometimes they write the darndest things, too. 🙂

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Once again, the boys’ school held a Veteran’s Day celebration. This is always a fun experience. The kids are asked to invite family members that are veterans to participate. I retired from the Air Force before the boys’ first birthday and they’ve never seen me in my uniform (other than pictures, of course). So, I shaved my beard and pulled the old BDUs out of the box in the garage. To my surprise, it still fit (albeit a bit tighter)…I’m certainly a lot greyer, though!

The Old Airman

This year there was a presentation in the cafeteria by the older kids, then the vets went to the various “houses” (first grade area, section grade area, etc.) to participate their kid’s, grandkid’s activity. The boys took part in the group event with other members of their cub scout pack, lining-up on stage for the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. Adam and Alex looked great!

There were several vets connected to first graders in the “Fire House”. All the kids classes lined up and sand several verses of “Yankee Doodle Dandy” for us, then there was a Q&A, which was a lot of fun!

Alex Adam

It was a very special day for this old Chief…

The Old Chief

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After school, Alex had to go for his OT and Speech Therapy. I’m afraid it was just too much for him on the second day of school…

Alex is out!


Well Summer Vacation is officially over and the boys are ready for their first day of school…

First Day of School

of course, it’s probably going to take some adjustments on their part…

Back to School

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Today is a BIG day! Alex was recognized at school with a Character Counts! Award, “The Pillar of Trustworthiness”…

Alex Trustworthiness Alex Trustworthiness

Even “Durbie the Explorer” was there…which, I understand is a BIG DEAL!

Alex Trustworthiness

We’re very proud of Alex…and he’s pretty impressed with himself, too…

Alex Trustworthiness

as he should be…

Alex Trustworthiness

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Today is the boys’ 100-day of school. To celebrate the kids were asked to imagine what they’d look like if they were 100-YEARS-old. To them, it would be something like this…

Adam insisted that he needed a cane, while Alex said the pipe would do the trick…

100 Years

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Today the boys turn SEVEN! Naturally, Mom got had tee-shirts made for the occasion…

Birthday Shirts

So, before school we opened a present or two…

Alex Legos Adam Legos

They left the rest for this afternoon, and enjoyed a bike ride to school…

Bike Ride Bike Ride

Adam and Alex enjoyed cupcakes with their class today, but there were a couple left over to enjoy at home later…

Birthday Cupcakes



Today the boy’s classes took a field trip to Fort Menendez in St Augustine. This interactive museum is great for young kids. They learn about the Timucua Indians and early colonial life in Spanish East Florida through hands-on activities that give them a feel for the pioneer life.

Alex’s teacher, Ms Stanton, got into the act…dressed as a Timucua Indian, she helped teach the kids about the various tools used by the pre-European residents of the area…

Educating the crowd

And for some reason, Alex wasn’t very happy about something…

Not too happy

Until he got to play a game…which looks a lot like the football drills today’s pro quarterbacks participate in!

Football drill Football drill Football drill

Adam, on the other hand, and true to form, took advantage of the face painting with his friend, Adalyn…

Face Paint Face Paint

Alex, also true to form, just stuck to the games…

Alexs Game Alexs Game

Mom? Well, she just took the pictures. Naturally. 🙂

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Today, the boys school put-on a special presentation for Vets. There were vets of every stripe, active duty and retired, guard and reserve, and each service was represented. First, we started with the National Anthem, then the class president and vice president (whoda thought elementary school had a student administration?). It was very touching though, and then the classes took turns singing each of the service songs. The alumni stood when their song was sung, but I was the only one clapping and singing during the Air Force Song (a bit of a pet peeve for me)…

After the assembly, the Vets were escorted to the classes of their kids or grandkids, where the individual classes continued the celebration with a touching rendition of America the Beautiful. It was great spending Veterans Day with the boys…

Veterans Day

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Back to school! Alex is in Ms Stanton’s class and Adam is with Ms Markle. Alex wasn’t to happy to leave his summer behind, but he eventually came around. Adam, on the other hand, was excited in being in Ms Markle’s class, as he had personally requested she be his teacher. Funny.

Alex first day of school Alex first day of school

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