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What’s Halloween without them?

Alex and the plastic spider

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Today starts several days of Halloween costume activities. This evening the boys are going to a costume party at My Gym.

Unfortunately Boba Fett fell asleep making the Hulk have to wait…

which is, of course, something you don’t ask the Hulk to do!




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Here is the “official” 2013 Halloween costume selection. This year, the boys are going as Boba Fett and The Incredible Hulk

an unlikely alliance to be sure!

Unlikely Alliance

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But sometimes I can snap a “normal” picture…



Today’s our last day in Alabama and Kameran is “bored already”…

Bored already

So, we pack-up the kids and take a trip to Pratt Park, where Kameran takes the boys on a hike…

Walking to the secret place

to her “secret place” near the creek…

The secret place

All that hiking-through-the-woods-to-the-secret-place makes one awfully thirsty! Fortunately there’s a water fountain at the end of the trail, much like there was in pioneer days. Here, Kameran drinks her fill, while Alex contemplates the water fountain…

Alex and Kam at the water fountain

And with that, Kam is no longer bored, as evidenced by the best smile EVER…

Best smile

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Tonight, I’m heading out for a beer with Adam and Alex’s older brothers, Nick and Neil. Neil suggested the Aviator Bar in downtown Montgomery…

Aviator Bar Aviator Bar

Aviator Bar Girl I suppose he made this suggestion because I’m retired from the USAF and a bit of a military history enthusiast. He’s right, of course, I’ve been a student of military history for the better part of my life, hell, I spent my childhood years reading comic books based on the military and war. Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed in the bar. There was a lot of aviation memorabilia and the decor was amazing–the place actually had the look and feel of a WWII bunker! The 3-D nose art above the main bar was very impressive, too!

Aviator Bar Window Aviator Bar Dugout

So, we made our way down to the bunker…

Aviator Bar Aviator Bar
Aviator Bar

And enjoyed a great evening drinking beer and telling war stories. One the way out, we made sure to proceed with caution…


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This evening we went to The Loop for dinner. The boys love to get pizza there, and their hamburgers are the best!

Anyway, Adam was going on-and-on about the boo-boo on his finger, and whenever you asked him to show you, he did one of these…

Adam's Boo-boo

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I’m conducting a farewell tour of sorts in preparation for starting a new job in sunny Florida. So, for the next couple of weeks, I’m making my way through Virginia and Southern Maryland to put things in order for my transition. Although I’ll miss my folks here, it’ll be nice to come home to the family at the end of every day, rather than a lonely apartment.

At any rate, after work today in Northern Virginia, Chris and I held a “farewell” offsite at a local Irish pub. We’ll have to be a little more inventive in the coming months, as we won’t be in such close proximity any longer.


Fairwell Tour

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My nephew Stuart has enlisted in the Navy and is heading off to basic training next week. So, this old Air Force Chief wanted to give him the proper send-off.

Anchors aweigh!

Stuart at the Tilted Kilt

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Today is Cindy’s birthday. I don’t want to give away he age, but let’s just say that in 50 more years, she’ll be 100!

Cindy’s present from me and the boys was this patio furniture…

Cindy's Patio Furniture

And the birthday cake (which is beckoning Adam’s sweet-tooth)

Cindy's Birthday Cake

So, what did Cindy want to do for the BIG FIVE-O? Something different…something she hadn’t tried before…

HOOKAH! Hookah?

Yep, hookah! There’s a little Mediterranean restaurant not far from the house that has a hookah bar, so here we are!

Hookah pipe At the hookah bar

“Tastes like chocolate”

Cindy smokes hookah

Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

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