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Bubble Boy Bubble Boy

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This afternoon the boys and I scouted locations for our next Den Meeting. On the bridge at Alpine Grove Park, the boys flash the scout sign…first and middle fingers held high representing the wolf’s ears.

Alex has it right, while Adam is showing the bunny ears behind the head of his brother…

Scout Sign

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Wherein, Adam was upstairs playing a video game with a friend…

Friend: Adam, stop killing me.

Adam: I’m not killing you.

Friend: Yes, you are! Stop it!

Adam: I’m not killing you.

Friend: Yes, you are! Stop killing me!

Adam: You’re killing yourself.


From the relative safety of neutral territory on the far side of the pool, I’m in the perfect location to observe and document the water war as it unfolds. Here, Adam takes to the high ground in an attempt to gain advantage over his adversary.

Water Gun War

but Alex, a seasoned veteran, is entrenched in the shallow end and controls the points of entry and exit (i.e. the steps). He is well-protected from his brother’s assault.

Alex and his Water Gun

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After a long day off cooking and a lot of eating, Cindy (and the boys) cut loose with her sisters…

Thanksgiving Party

Yeah, naughty, everybody knows it, too…

Thanksgiving Sisters

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The boys have something new to play with today. They’re called “Wubbles”; large bubble balls, that could more accurately be described as “Boobies”…

So here are the twins playing with, well, the twins… 😉


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Sure it’s just a bunch of couch cushions and pillows and blankets, but to them it’s Fort Apache, The Alamo, The Batcave, or whatever their 5-year-old minds can imagine…

Fort Couch Fort Couch

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Cindy had to clean-out the Rat Guinea Pig cage today, which she did solo because, of course, that teaches the boys about responsibility and stuff. So, the rodents-we-actually-keep-as-pets got to move to an EVEN BIGGER cage that the boys could fit into as well.

Ginny Pigs

“Leonard” and “Sheldon” just LOVE playing games with the twins! Their favorite game? “WHACK-A-MOLE”!!

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Hangin’ ’round the water fountain after school…

Joe Cool

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It’s here! FINALLY! Boba Fett lights up in anticipation…

Boba is ready Boba lights up

While Hulk stews and grumbles…

Hulk Stews and Grumbles

Ready to go…and we’re off!

Ready to go And we're off

Who says Daddy never dresses up?

Daddy wears a helmut

About half-way through, the Hulk had had just about enough of walking, so Daddy took him back home and the two sat outside and gave out candy to all the other Trick-or-Treaters…

Dad gives out candy

Nothing could stop Boba Fett…he wouldn’t quit until all of the houses were depleated of their candy supply!

Adam waits for candy

Happy Halloween

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