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Last night it snowed a couple of inches; this morning I was up shoveling the drive at 5. We needed to be on-the-road by 6:15 for the boys 7:00 surgery appointment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia–a minor procedure to place tubes in their ears.

The Boys in Preop

Once out of the neighborhood, the roads were in pretty good shape, and we arrived at the hospital a little early. Alex and Adam were the first patients of the day, so we went right in to pre-op and changed the boys into their little yellow hospital gowns. The little yellow booties, dubbed “Big Bird Feet” by the CHOP nurses, didn’t stay on too long, as neither Alex nor Adam took a fancy to them (we swapped ’em out for their own little socks).

After their vitals and a short conversation with the doctor and the anesthesiologist, the nurse gave them some “giggle juice” (Versed) to soften their anxiety over being taken by the nurse for the operating table. It did make them both a little loopy–Alex more so than Adam.

The procedure for both boys was over in about 15-minutes. We joined Alex in the recovery room. He still had the airway in and was sleeping soundly. Adam soon joined us, and was before long, awake and crying–likely due to the disorientation he was experiencing. I stayed with Alex while Mommy consoled Adam. Alex awoke soon after, but wasn’t as upset as Adam was–thankfully.

After the post-op instructions from the nurse, we dressed the boys and were heading home once again.

I can only imagine what it must be like for the boys–especially Alex–to actually be able to hear sounds without it sounding like they’re underwater.

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Adam had been sick the last couple of days. His nose was stopped-up so bad he couldn’t breath…especially at night. He would wake-up every hour or two unable to get back to sleep. Cindy and I would suction his nose and rock with him until he drifted off to sleep, only to do it all over again a short while later.

After a night of little sleep, Adam seemed to be doing a little better. We thought the worst might be over and the poor little boy was recovering. Not quite. He woke from his nap with goopy eyes he was unable to open. We thought he probably had pink-eye. We were right!

Poor Adam

He also had double ear infections. Alex followed in his footsteps just two days later…

What a week!

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I’m in Jacksonville, Florida, on business this week, and as I deplane, I get a text message from Cindy that said she was at the ER with Alex, who had spiked a 103.5º temperature. Cindy and Alex have been battling this fever for the last 3 or 4 days, and every time he starts to perk up, his fever knocks him back down. They were at the ER for about 3 hours while the doc ran some tests, no flu, but it was likely something viral that’ll just need to run its course. Hopefully, it’ll be over soon. Cindy has hardly gotten any sleep the last couple of days, and has had to care for a sick baby, and his brother! She’s amazing!

I feel terrible that I can’t be there to lend a hand…she sure could use the help, and support. Thankfully, this is our last week apart.

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Today we took the boys to the doctor. Alex has a rash on his neck and chest. As we suspected, it’s cause is the combination of drool from teething combined with the fact that the little guy really has no neck. 😉 So, we’re waiting in the crowded pharmacy for some nystatin cream.

We also took the opportunity, since the hospital doesn’t do 9-month well-baby checks, and the boys just happened to be 9-months old, to get them weighed and checked. All is well: Alex weighs 20 pounds and Adam weighs 22 pounds (although he feels heavier than that!!)

Adam and Alex waiting at the Pharmacy

As you can see the wait in the pharmacy was a little longer than usual. The boys had time to enjoy a snack while they watched the screen for Alex’s name to pop-up…

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Today was “shot day” for the boys. Today’s vaccinations include oral polio, Hib, HepB, and Rotavirus. A necessary evil, of course, but we’re not looking forward to the next couple of days. Last time they didn’t do too well, especially Alex, who spiked a 102° and was generally feeling pukey for two days. Anyway, we arrived at the immunization clinic just before they reopened after lunch, so we spent a few minutes exploring the hallway and pushing the stroller around making the obligatory race car noises that seem to amuse a child of any age. We checked-in and a few minutes later, the tears were gone and twins were vaccinated. The exercise was certainly more traumatic for the parents than the bambinos.

Beast Feeding After the shots, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. Let me rephrase that: “We went to Ruby Tuesday’s to feed the kids their lunch.” It was actually pretty funny. The restaurant was practically empty. There were 5 or 6 tables with customers eating, and wouldn’t you know it, the waitress seats us right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of all these people. It was a bit cramped, and I’m sure more than a little annoying to the businesswomen sitting just inches away from Alex’s bulky sling chair. It sounded like this was a working lunch for them, and Alex just couldn’t help, evidently, giving them some advise on raising next quarters sales revenue (he was so loud, he had to be talking to someone at another table).

So, we’re already mixing their cereal and bottles when the waitress comes to take our order: crab cakes for me, and those mini-hamburgers for Cindy, and two salad bars. We also ordered some chips and guacamole that arrived as we were feeding the boys their cereal. Our meals arrived as we were feeding the kids their bottles. I ate left-handed, as my dominate hand was otherwise occupied holding Alex’s bottle. Cindy had a better time of it because Adam is able to hold his own bottle now (although he wasn’t too interested in holding it in the restaurant). After the bottles we had our salads, then packed-up to go feeling a bit rushed after the experience. At least I did…Cindy and our nanny, Miss Hannah, do this all the time!

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Today was the boys 4-month well-baby check (just a couple days early). They are healthy, happy little boys: Alex weighed 13 lbs 2 oz, and Adam weighed 13 lbs 15 oz. We’ll be taking them back to the clinic next week for their shots. The immunization clinic won’t give their vaccinations until their actual birthday.

After the doctor visit, Cindy, Hannah and the boys joined me at the marina for an office picnic. Alex and Adam were a big hit!

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Today, Cindy and the boys paid a visit to the hospital’s Chief of Professional Services for their overseas clearance. We’ll be moving to Italy this summer and the Air Force wants to ensure the gaining base can meet my family’s healthcare needs. A no-brainer, since they all were given a clean bill of health. Anyway, one more square filled!

The boys were very well behaved, well maybe not “very well”, considering Adam’s little meltdown… 😉

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Today I met Cindy and Hannah at the Pediatrician’s office for Alex and Adam’s 2-month well-baby checks. I’m happy to say, the boys are progressing well as normal, healthy, happy (well, there’s still the colic) babies.

After the doctor visit, we wheeled the boys down the hall to the immunization clinic for their vaccines. The event went much better than expected. Sure, the kids cried-out when the needles went in, but their cries were short-lived as they fell asleep almost immediately after.

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Today Alex paid a visit to Radiology for an ultrasound of his hips. Since he was in a breech position at the time of delivery, his pediatrician wanted to rule out DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip). Evidently, the breech position has a tendency to force the ball of the hip out of the socket, predisposing to dislocation after birth. The highest risk is the frank breech position with the hips flexed and the knees extended (i.e. feet up by the shoulders)–Alex was not in this position.

Since DDH is a developmental or ongoing process, it is not always detectable at birth. So, Alex will have a hip exam each time he visits the pediatrician. As the months pass, the likelihood of a DDH manifestation diminishes.

Anyway, so far, so good!

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