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It’s here…it’s finally here! The boys have been going on about Halloween for a couple of weeks now and counting down the days. Soon their coffers will be filled with CANDY!

This year, Adam was a S.W.A.T. officer, and Alex was the Red Power Ranger. Long gone are the days they would dress in similar costumes, as each year they become more and more diverse in their interests. But hey, they’re both crime fighters this year, right?

SWAT and Power Ranger

This year Charlie even got into the act, as a Rocker with his jean jacket and guitar…

Charlie Rocker

Meanwhile, in Alabama, grandkids Oliver and Carter John look AWESOME as Woody and Buzz…

Woody and Buzz

and Kameran was Barb from Stranger Things. I think she did a great job!

Kam and Barb

As expected, the boys cleaned-up on Candy…enough to last them into December. And Charlie absolutely loved the walk (and the attention).

Happy Halloween

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It’s finally here: All Hallows Eve or Halloween, for short. The one night we tell our kids it’s okay to take candy from strangers. Anyway, this year the boys presented a couple of unique challenges with regard to their costumes. Alex wanted to be Ant Man, which seems simple enough. After all, the movie just came out last year, right? WRONG! We couldn’t find an Ant Man costume anywhere! We’ll that’s not entirely true because obviously we DID find one, but it wasn’t easy! And Adam wanted to be a Zombie, which required makeup. You’re thinking, “that’s not so bad,” except Adam had to go look in the mirror every two minutes to inspect my progress. So, finally, after all our efforts, Ant Man meets The Zombie…

Ant Man meets the Zombie

And they we’re having fun…although Adam doesn’t look like he’s having fun, he explains that “Zombies never look happy”.

Adam Zombie Alex Antman Adam Zombie Alex Antman


Our grandkids are ready for a great night of “Tricks or Treats,” too. We’ve always talked about how Oliver looks like Spot from the movie, The Good Dinosaur, well, Jess outdid herself with this one! Meet Spot and Arlo (a.k.a Carter John). Oliver even has leaves in his hair!

Spot and Arlo

And Kameran was “Deadpool Chick” from the movie Deadpool. Now, I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know if she’s “a” Deadpool Chick or “the” Deadpool Chick, all I know is that she’s too cute! From all the pictures of Deadpool I’ve seen online, a/the Deadpool Chick would need to have a couple of swords on her back, but not this one! Instead of breaking heads, it looks like Kam is going to be breaking hearts…

Deadpool Chick

Happy Halloween

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Here’s Uncle Alex and Uncle Adam at the beach with their Niece, Kameran. It won’t be long before Kam has her driver’s license and her Uncle’s will be bumming rides!

Kam and the Boys

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So, we’re spending a few days in Alabama visiting the (grown) kids and grandkids. Today we’re off to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center with the boys and Kameran.

Entrance to Rocket Center

Before we enter the Rocket Center, we can’t help but notice a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird on outside display…

SR-71 Blackbird

Naturally, this requires the USAF legacy airman to capture a selfie with this USAF legacy aircraft, and then one with the boys, of course…

Me and SR-71 Boys and SR-71

Once inside, there was so much to see and do…especially for the kids. There were a lot of educational displays, simulations, a centrifuge, etc. so on…

Alex in the Time Tunnel

Inside the main exhibit hall, there was a full-size Saturn V rocket…

Saturn V

and the actual Command Module from the Apollo 16 mission…

Apollo 16

Of course, Alex and Kam would rather enjoy some zero gravity inside the lunar module…

Adam and Kam

and snap a pic or two (or three) inside a space capsule trainer. Kam is riding fashionably on the outside of the capsule…

Adam and Kam

Alex Alex in the Capsule

There was so much to do and see, and we had a great time. Of course, by the end of the day, Adam was all photo’d out, as you can see…


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This year, the boys are going through a Ninja phase. You have to look real close, though, because, you know, they’re Ninjas…

Ninjas Ninjas

Mom took the boys trick-or-treating, while I stayed behind to give out candy and enjoy some of Cindy’s yummy guacamole…


Meanwhile, a couple of states away, Grandsons Mario and Luigi (a.k.a. Oliver and Carter), prepare to battle their arch enemy, Bowser, while Granddaughter Kameran is the most adorable Cheshire Cat…

Mario and Luigi Cheshire Cat

Needless to say, the boys cleaned-up on candy, and if they had their way, they’d eat it all tonight (and Adam was doing his best to negotiate that possibility)

Oh, and before I forget, here’s a picture of Cindy’s jack-o-lanterns. I cleaned-out the guts, and mom and the boys added the faces. Although I;m a little biased, I think they did a very nice job!


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Cindy is in Alabama helping Jess with the birth of our 3rd grandbaby. So, while mom gets some much needed rest, May-May takes granddaughter Kam out for a girl’s day, which naturally started with a pedicure…

Kam Pedi

Then progressed to other things, like shopping, lunch, etc. What is the common theme you ask? “$$$” 😉

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…as a 5TH GRADER! I can remember like it was yesterday when Baby Kam was pulling all of my DVDs out of the rack and spreading them all over the floor. Now, she’s such a smart and pretty young lady…her mom says she can still make a mess, though. 😉

Kams First Day at School

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Congratulations to our granddaughter, Kameran: A/B Honor Roll for the year! She is sooooo smart!

Kam honor roll

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Family visits often mean early Christmas presents! But first, we need to take a picture, so here we have a pre-present-opening picture of the boys and their Niece Big Sister, Kameran…

The Boys and Kam

Kam passes out the presents…

The Boys and Kam

The best present of all!

The Boys and Kam


Well, Halloween is here again. Given his affinity for candy, I’d say this is Adam’s favorite holiday! This year the boys wanted to be Peter Pan and Captain Hook…

Halloween Pan and Hook


Halloween Hook Halloween Pan

…and they weren’t the only one’s! Kameran and Oliver made an adorable Hermione and Harry Potter…

Hermione and Harry Potter

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