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Today we went to The Main Event to do some bowling. The hardest part about bowling, of course, is selecting the right color bowling ball…


What was really interesting to watch was how much of their personality is displayed in their technique. Alex had a cautious and thoughtful style…


While Adam was direct and forceful, almost slinging the ball down the lane…


Dad? Well, it was hard to tell with all the gutter balls he was throwing. 🙂


Bubble Boy Bubble Boy

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We were expecting rain, but nothing was going to stop our backyard campout.


As it turns out, we didn’t even get a drizzle. Although it might’ve cooled things off a bit because the air was still a little warm as we headed into the tent. We took the windows down to get the breeze blowing and it soon got more comfortable. …

Anyway, it was still early, so we watched “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” on the iPad…


Then settled off to sleep…and quite contentedly, I might add.


In the morning, I slipped out of the tent while the boys snoozed and started some coffee.


With coffee in hand, I set-up the table and the ol’ Coleman stove to cook our breakfast…


The boys had a good time and thought eating outside was GREAT!


Best buddies…

Best Buds

After breakfast, it was time to take down the campsite. Alex wanted to leave the tent up so we could camp out again tonight, but alas, tomorrow is a school day. Anyway, this was a good opportunity to teach the boys an important aspect of the Cub Scouts outdoor ethics, namely, the “leave no trace” principles, which as the name implies, whenever you’re doing activities outdoors, you leave things as you found them…

Leave No Trace

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Captain Blood Adam loves face painting. Every time we go to a fair, carnival, or birthday party that has face painting as an attraction, we will inevitably be purchasing a ticket and waiting in a line for Adam to become a tiger, dinosaur, superhero, or pirate. The kid has such a vivid imagination and it’s a lot of fun watching him play. He’ll ask me to put on one of his many costumes and then he’s off, the adventure unfolding as the living room is transformed into a pirate ship and he the captain, braving the high seas in search of plunder or he’s Batman, or Superman, and the furniture the tops of buildings in the city he protects from some evil supervillain.

Today, he selected the ol’ pirate stand-by that I have come to refer to as “Captain Blood” (after the character played by Errol Flynn in the 1935 film). And what accessory would make the swashbuckling pirate outfit complete? A sword crafted from trick balloons, naturally.

Note that Alex is all about the sword, but can do without the face-painting nonsense…


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The picture says it all…

Adams Hat



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At who?

Adam Sneezes

Aaaah Choooo!

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“When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.”

Kung Fu

“Grasshopper! Get your butt back here with my pebble!!”

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Whereas Alex simply can’t wait for his food to be prepared, and begins gnawing on the bag-o-wipes…

Happy Meal

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Have you seen my “passie”?


I can’t see a thing through all this hair…

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