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Pizza Clock Today is Friday which has pretty-much become “Pizza Night” in our household. I must admit, it’s the one meal the boys truly eat with gusto! So, on the way home from work, I stop by this quaint little Italian restaurant and order two medium pies (they don’t have “small” pizzas, just “medium” and “large,” which of course, makes the “medium” pizza a de facto “small,” but don’t get me started on the parlance of pizza parlors), one plain cheese for the boys, and on the other, something for me and Cindy–usually pepperoni and something else.

Anyway, when I arrive home, the boys immediately recognize the pizza boxes and get jump-up-and-down excited at the thought of the cheesy, gooey, delicious party about to hit their tiny palates. As I open the box, they make a bee-line for their little table and sit down on their little chairs. Then I take the biggest slice and cut it into smaller slices suitable for a 2-year-old. Of course, this exercise essentially transforms the classic, and personally preferred, triangular New York-style pizza slice into the square Chicago-style, but the boys are understandably oblivious to the nuance, and frankly couldn’t possibly care any less.

So, with juice in hand, they literally gobble-down the pizza morsels on their plates, and once empty, they bring the plate to daddy for more. The second slice is eaten more slowly and with much less enthusiasm, before draining the juice cup and transitioning to another all-important activity. At this point, the previously all-consuming desire for pizza has become nothing more than the distant memory of just another dinner.

Until next week when once again the moon hits their eye with a big pizza-pie!

That’s amoré

(with apologies to Dean Martin :-))

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The boys big sister, Jess, and niece other big sister, Kameran, came to visit for a few days. They flew into Philly and although the airport is less than 50-miles away from the house, it took us almost 2-1/2 hours to get there because the traffic on the PA turnpike is…just….awful! Anyway, we made it there and back, and Jess and Kam only had to wait a little while…well, 20-minutes or so, which probably seemed like an extraordinarily long time after an afternoon spent traveling.

Kids Castle Today, everyone visited “Kids Castle” in nearby Doylestown. The castle is an eight story wooden playground structure designed & named by children of Doylestown Township through an art contest in 1996. As you cross over the drawbridge, you enter a magical world that includes a 35-foot high castle with a huge twisty slide, a very friendly dragon, a tree house, a barn yard, a rocket ship, a downtown promenade for toddlers, a multitude of slides and swings and a children’s amphitheater. It’s pretty darn cool, and the kids had a blast!

And there was ice cream! 🙂

Adam eats ice cream Kameran eats ice cream Alex eats ice cream

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Today we took the boys to the doctor. Alex has a rash on his neck and chest. As we suspected, it’s cause is the combination of drool from teething combined with the fact that the little guy really has no neck. 😉 So, we’re waiting in the crowded pharmacy for some nystatin cream.

We also took the opportunity, since the hospital doesn’t do 9-month well-baby checks, and the boys just happened to be 9-months old, to get them weighed and checked. All is well: Alex weighs 20 pounds and Adam weighs 22 pounds (although he feels heavier than that!!)

Adam and Alex waiting at the Pharmacy

As you can see the wait in the pharmacy was a little longer than usual. The boys had time to enjoy a snack while they watched the screen for Alex’s name to pop-up…

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Today was “shot day” for the boys. Today’s vaccinations include oral polio, Hib, HepB, and Rotavirus. A necessary evil, of course, but we’re not looking forward to the next couple of days. Last time they didn’t do too well, especially Alex, who spiked a 102° and was generally feeling pukey for two days. Anyway, we arrived at the immunization clinic just before they reopened after lunch, so we spent a few minutes exploring the hallway and pushing the stroller around making the obligatory race car noises that seem to amuse a child of any age. We checked-in and a few minutes later, the tears were gone and twins were vaccinated. The exercise was certainly more traumatic for the parents than the bambinos.

Beast Feeding After the shots, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. Let me rephrase that: “We went to Ruby Tuesday’s to feed the kids their lunch.” It was actually pretty funny. The restaurant was practically empty. There were 5 or 6 tables with customers eating, and wouldn’t you know it, the waitress seats us right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of all these people. It was a bit cramped, and I’m sure more than a little annoying to the businesswomen sitting just inches away from Alex’s bulky sling chair. It sounded like this was a working lunch for them, and Alex just couldn’t help, evidently, giving them some advise on raising next quarters sales revenue (he was so loud, he had to be talking to someone at another table).

So, we’re already mixing their cereal and bottles when the waitress comes to take our order: crab cakes for me, and those mini-hamburgers for Cindy, and two salad bars. We also ordered some chips and guacamole that arrived as we were feeding the boys their cereal. Our meals arrived as we were feeding the kids their bottles. I ate left-handed, as my dominate hand was otherwise occupied holding Alex’s bottle. Cindy had a better time of it because Adam is able to hold his own bottle now (although he wasn’t too interested in holding it in the restaurant). After the bottles we had our salads, then packed-up to go feeling a bit rushed after the experience. At least I did…Cindy and our nanny, Miss Hannah, do this all the time!

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Alex and Adam have begun eating solid foods. Although we’ve been adding cereal to their bottles for a little while now, we’ve just started feeding them by spoon. Alex really seems to enjoy the cereal, but Adam, well, he prefers other activities…

Alex eating solids Adam naps when he should be eating

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The ultimate hands-free feeding device…Adam finally gets the hang of holding his own bottle!

Adam holds his bottle

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So, I ordered these Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holders to ease those times, which seem to be occurring with increasing frequency, when the boys need to eat at the same time. The holders work pretty well, but as you can guess, the twins still require some supervision, as the holders need constant adjustment due to their endless squiggling. I’m also able to feed one baby in my arms while using my foot to stabilize the bottle holder for brother.

The Boppy Newborn Loungers Alex and Adam are reclining on make the perfect addition to the hands-free bottle holders. Everything, baby-boppy-bottle, all fit together perfectly.

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