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So, mom bought the boys these litlle gaming chairs. They’re pretty cool, really, and have built-in speakers, so they don’t have to turn-up the volume on the television to annoying levels!

The verdict?

Me: Adam, do you like your new chair?

Adam: I LOVE IT!

Gaming Chair

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wherein we discover it’s sometimes found in context…

Adam: Can we go to the place with the tiny hamburgers I love so much?

Me: Sure, let’s go to Krystal.



wherein I’m presented with an interesting perspective…

Me: Adam, would you like something to eat?

Adam: Cereal.

Me: What kind?

Adam: The vampire cereal.

Because “Count Chocula” is “The VAMPIRE cereal.”

The Vampire Cereal

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wherein Adam experiences a rainout on the first day of Fall Ball…

Adam: Why did it have to rain?

Me: Hey, buddy, rain is just part of baseball!

Adam: I don’t get it.

Me: Look, baseball is a very simple game: You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains.** Rain is just part of baseball.

Adam: You’re weird.


** with thanks to pitcher Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh (Bull Durham, 1988)

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wherein we learn it isn’t done with a computer video game…

Adam: I just learned that I’m terrible at being a police officer.

Me: So, what are you now?

Adam: I’m a criminal.

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wherein we learn that everyone is accountable.

The little league Braves are practicing their fundamentals. The boys are focused and the coach is providing instruction while hitting balls to them in the field. The coach is at the plate and the bat is in his right hand. In his left is the ball and with a flick of the wrist the ball is aloft. In a fluid motion, he grasps the bat with both hands and loads his swing as the ball begins it’s descent. He then launches into the swing, his hands guiding the bat to meet the ball. But the bat fails to make contact and the ball falls to the ground with a soft thud. For a moment the field is silent. Then a heckling voice is heard from left field as Adam yells, “STRIKE ONE!”


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wherein we learn the designation is really a matter of perspective…

Adam: Dad, Alex did [ … ]
Me: Adam, don’t be a tattletale.
Adam: I’m NOT a tattletale. Alex is a tattletale.


It sucks when your bed-time trumps the World Series. Although we cheated a bit this year by stretching the bed-time deadline, A2 wasn’t able to stay-up for last night’s 10-inning Game 7 clencher when the Cubs took home the championship. What makes matters worse is I had to be up early for work, so I wasn’t here to give ’em the results and recap the game. So, here’s the announcement, and we had to catch-up via phone later in the day…

Cubs Win

One of the cool things about THIS series is it gave me an opportunity to introduce the boys to iconic Cubs announcer Harry Carey, who passed in 1998 (sadly, he never saw the Cubs win a World Series). Anyway, I was introduced to Harry in the late 70s, when cable television came to our neighborhood. All Summer long, we’d watch the Cubs on WGN and Harry “Cub Fan-Bud Man” Carey. Although I was never much of a Cubs fan, I always had a special place in my heart for him.

So, given their dad’s reminiscent tales, what did the boys’ think of Harry? I guess Adam summed it up best with…”He’s old”.

Yeah, just like his dad.

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wherein we learn you may be “just a shark”.

So, Alex holds up his stuffed shark and…

Alex: Is this a megalodon?

Me: Sure, if you want it to be.

Alex: No, it’s just a shark.


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wherein we learn that ambivalence is synonymous with immunity…

Mom: Boys, you need to stay in the house, the mosquitoes are so bad outside.

Adam: How do you know they are bad?

Mom: Because I’ve seen them, especially in the front, and I’ve been bit a couple of times!!

Adam: I’m immune! I was looking at a mosquito sucking my blood on my leg, and I didn’t even care!

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