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The boys have always been close and even though they fight with each other (like most brothers), they still stick pretty close together.


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It’s hard to believe they still sit like this. You’d think it would be uncomfortable, but I suppose after spending almost 9-months as “womb-mates,” this would be considered palatial…

Twin Thing

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For the second time this year, my son got married. This time it was Neil, and like his older brother, Nick, he married his high school sweetheart. Welcome to the family, Rachel…

Groom bride

It was a very nice wedding. Neil and Rachel made a beautiful couple.

Wedding Kiss

Nick stood by his brother as best man, and made a very charming toastmaster.

Nick and Neil Nicks Toast

Congratulations, Neil and Rachel…

First Dance


It’s been very rainy weekend and today is an exceptionally lazy day. It’s mid-afternoon and the boys are still in their jammies and watching the latest Lego adventure movie. What a great life! 🙂

Movie Day

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Adam Alex

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Visiting big brothers, Nick and Neil, in Alabama. And, yes, there was some Xbox played! 😉

Four Brothers

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Another day on the water! Today the boys spoiled Nana for a change…

Nana with the boys

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Neil introduced Adam to his Xbox 360…and the world will never be the same again!

Adam and Neil


It’s here! FINALLY! Boba Fett lights up in anticipation…

Boba is ready Boba lights up

While Hulk stews and grumbles…

Hulk Stews and Grumbles

Ready to go…and we’re off!

Ready to go And we're off

Who says Daddy never dresses up?

Daddy wears a helmut

About half-way through, the Hulk had had just about enough of walking, so Daddy took him back home and the two sat outside and gave out candy to all the other Trick-or-Treaters…

Dad gives out candy

Nothing could stop Boba Fett…he wouldn’t quit until all of the houses were depleated of their candy supply!

Adam waits for candy

Happy Halloween

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Today starts several days of Halloween costume activities. This evening the boys are going to a costume party at My Gym.

Unfortunately Boba Fett fell asleep making the Hulk have to wait…

which is, of course, something you don’t ask the Hulk to do!




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