Bangs and Bruises

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Today was the Second Annual Mom and Son Nerf War. One of Cindy’s friends first put this together last year after her son commented that his sister got to go to the Daddy-Daughter dance, but there was nothing for him to do. And the rest is history!

As the event gets underway, Alex is packed and ready to go with his Nerf vest full of ‘bullets’ and Adam is talking strategy with his crew…

Alex is ready Adam is ready

They had a great time this afternoon, although Cindy says she feels a little sore after all the running around. Adam naturally says the kids won the war, but it really doesn’t matter. After all, the great memory of this day will overshadow any perceived victory.

Mom and the Boys

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As I’ve noted many times before,

(like here, here, and here)

Adam is the king of boo-boos…

Adam has a boo-boo

Hell Rider got this one on his scooter!

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…otherwise known as a “black eye.”

I was wrestling with Adam on the living room floor and amid the giggles and twisting-about, the little butt head-butted me right where the frontal and zygomatic bones meet and form the outer edge of the eye-socket. A moderately painful experience for me, but true-to-form, not at all traumatic for “Action Adam”, who ran off laughing…

Periorbital Hematoma

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Today is the Twin’s birthday. Adam began his celebration early by cracking open his melon and taking a trip to the emergency room. Not surprisingly, he took four stitches in his head…

Adam cracks his head

not that it seemed to bother him too much: He actually slept through the procedure!

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