Basketball Season

It’s an exciting weekend for the boys! The Upward Basketball season starts today, and we’re learning the basics…


Alex Dribbles Adam Dribbles

and Shooting…

Alex Shoots Adam Shoots

Alex Shoots Adam Shoots

The boys did great for their day of basketball. Of course, Adam thinks he’s the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court, but Alex actually contained him pretty well…


Can’t wait for next weekend!


  1. Adrienne’s avatar

    Brock LOVES basketball and has the same confidence as Adam but he really is way better than I am, ha-ha. He wants to be a professional basketball player when he grows up so he practices in our driveway a lot. He’s gonna do summer basketball and is really looking forward to it. I think he’d get along great with your boys 🙂


    1. forwardmemory’s avatar

      Hi Adrienne: I think they’d definitely get along! Adam likes basketball, but he loves baseball. Alex is just the opposite.



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