Atlantic City

Sunday night, I drove to Atlantic City, NJ, to prepare for a conference Monday and Tuesday. I had a room “with a view of the Ocean” at the Trump Plaza. Although I did have a view of the ocean, I had a better view of the building. The picture on the left was Sunday evening. It was cold, windy and raining. Monday morning (the picture on the right) was much nicer.

Jersey ShoreJersey Shore

The conference went well, but I thought the hotel was a dump. At first glance, it looked very nice, but upon closer inspection, one could easily see that it wasn’t kept-up too well. In my room, the massive accumulation dust behind the nightstand illustrated the lack of attention to detail the staff puts into cleaning. Also, my room had a some classy wallpaper, sort of a Victorian pattern, but it had been hung very sloppily. Whoever did it, failed to remove the outlet plates from the wall, and instead of removing and rehanging the wallpaper, he just cut out a hole for the outlet (and not very neatly…my 10-month old son could’ve done a better job!). Anyway, you get the picture.

I did enjoy the drive home; the leaves changing color along the Atlantic City Expressway was very calming…

Atlantic City Expressway

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