August 2016

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Obviously, Cindy is having a great time on her team-building weekend with her R+F friends. I’m sure there was some wine involved. 😉

R+F Girls

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Mom is off to a R+F team-building weekend, so the boys and I decide to do a little team-building on the water…

Leaving the marina

We didn’t have anything really planned today, so we headed down past Green Cove Springs and found a quiet location to stop for lunch.

Lunch on the Water

Just beautiful…

Lunch on the Water

On the way back to the marina, we encounter a sunken sailboat. The boys thought that was pretty cool…it looked like Jack Sparrow’s boat. LOL

Sunken Sailboat

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After school, Alex had to go for his OT and Speech Therapy. I’m afraid it was just too much for him on the second day of school…

Alex is out!


Well Summer Vacation is officially over and the boys are ready for their first day of school…

First Day of School

of course, it’s probably going to take some adjustments on their part…

Back to School

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The Future is Now at Epcot’s Test Track, where the boys’ got to design their own car and test it’s performance…

Alex designs his car

This ride normally has wait times of 90- to 120-minutes. We had a Fast Pass, so the wait wasn’t no where near that long. Although the car design part was pretty cool, I think the ride was more hype than substance. Still, it’s worth the wait with a Fast Pass.

I think the best ride at Epcot is Soarin’ which is a flight motion simulator that takes you around the world within a 180° OMNIMAX laser projection screen. Anyway, Alex didn’t want to ride this one, so it was just me and Adam…


And look who Cindy and Alex ran into while Adam and I were flying around the world…

Mom, Alex, and Tink

While visiting the aquarium, we run into Nemo’s pal, Bruce…

“Fish are friends, not food, but little boys are food. Definitely, food.”

Bruce and the boys

…and his buddy, Chum…

“A clownfish, really? Tell us a joke!”

Dad and Chum

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I’ve had to leave for a couple of days to attend a meeting for work. So, Mom and the boys hung around the resort and soaked-up the sun by the pool.

But they still need to eat dinner, right? Tonight, Cindy took ’em to the WDW Contemporary Resort for a sit-down with Chef Mickey…


and Pluto (he’s the one in the middle)!

Chef Mickey

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Today’s adventure was Walt Disney World…and Splash Mountain! It was the last ride of the day for us. Alex was looking forward to climbing in that hollowed-out log ALL DAY LONG. After the log SPLASHED into the briar patch and we were on our way out, Adam said, “I’m so HAPPY!” He really, really wanted to get wet…and he did!

Splash Mountain

What I enjoy most about this ride is its themed after the Disney flick, Song of the South. Although there’s no sign of Uncle Remus anywhere, you see Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear in all the little stories Uncle Remus told in the movie.

Unfortunately, this movie isn’t available anymore from Disney because of the supposed racism it contains. Of course, the movie isn’t racist at all. Anyway, I recently obtained a a copy ripped from an old VHS tape and showed it to the boys. They enjoyed the movie and just loved Uncle Remus (just as I did when I was a kid). While we were winding our way through the Remus’ story, the boys are pointing out all the characters they know and singing along…

♬ ♬ Zip-A-Dee-Do-DAH ♬ ♬

It’s nice that despite all the stupid “PC” garbage these days, we can still find our “Laughing Place”

Song of the South

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It’s been a while since we’ve been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Of the four theme parks that make-up Walt Disney World, this is Cindy’s favorite. The first event of the day? Riding the Expedition Everest roller coaster!

Mt Everest Bridge

One of the shows can’t miss shows here is the Festival of the Lion King. We had Fast Passes for this and our seats were great! And for the show’s Grand Finale, Alex was asked to join-in!

Alex Lion King Alex Lion King

Too cool!

Alex Lion King

INTERLUDE: Something I never noticed before carved into the Tree of Life…it’s Cthulhu. Which, of course, no one appreciates, but me.

Tree of Life Cthulhu

Lunch today was at the Tusker House Restaurant. The food was great…probably the only place at Disney where you can get curry! And our Disney pals stopping by the table just enhance the experience…

Mickey Goofy
Daisy Donald

In the afternoon, we had a Fast Pass for the Kali River Rapids. The last time we rode this, Alex and I got soaked! This time, we change into our swim suits. Except me…I use a poncho!

Mom and Boys

After our trip down the rapids, during which I’m happy to say, we stayed pretty dry. We visited Baloo and Looie…and Louie’s antics were hilarious!

Baloo and Louie Baloo and Louie
Baloo and Louie Baloo and Louie
Baloo and Louie Baloo and Louie

On the way out of the park, after an exhaustingly FUN day, we stop for a final photo or two. And as is often the case with TWINS, no matter how many pictures you take, you can’t get the perfect pose from both of them in the same picture!

Boys x 4

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