July 2016

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Well, the boys’ summer vacation is winding down…quickly. So, to close things out, we headed down to Orlando for some fun-in-the-sun, and a little Disney World. This trip, we’re staying at the Hilton Tuscan Village…

HGV Tuscan Village HGV Tuscan Village
HGV Tuscan Village HGV Tuscan Village

and Alex can’t wait to hit the pool!

HGV Tuscan Village

After breakfast, that’s exactly what we did. The rest of the day looked something like this…

Boys' Ring Boys' Ring
Boys' Ring Boys' Ring


Adam ring

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So, Alex likes to chill in this floating bubble thing

Bubble Boy

and when he’s not hanging-out in the bubble, HE’S SWIMMING LIKE A FISH! He’s come a L-O-N-G way!!!

Alex Swims

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It’s another beautiful summer day in northeast Florida, and we’re heading into the city to watch the Jacksonville Suns play the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. The Suns are the Florida Marlins AA club; I think the Wahoos are affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds. Anyway, here’s a fun Fact: Hall-of-Famer Hank Aaron was once a Jacksonville Brave! He played here in 1953! Adam would’ve been more impressed had it been Jackie Robinson.

I love minor league baseball. The stadium here is great, there’s rarely a crowd, they’re really focused on kids and having a good time.

Adam eats a pretzel Alex's Hat

We have box seats right behind home plate, but there really aren’t any bad seats in this stadium. The boys are ready for the game to begin!

Boys' seats

As you can tell by the red and blue lips, the boys have been enjoying snow cones. My lips don’t have any color, because, well, beer.

Alex and Dad Adam and Dad

The boys’ are up-and-out of their seat as the Sun’s Right-Fielder Moises Sierra connects! Of course, Adam gave his analysis of the play afterward. In fact, everyone had the pleasure of Adam’s nonstop commentary throughout the game. 😉


It was a fun game and the Suns won 1-0. The boys loved the game, but the highlight for Alex we getting to hang-out a bit with Suns mascot, Southpaw!

Alex and Southpaw

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It’s always a GREAT day when the boys get to visit their GREAT grandfather (a.k.a. “Pa”). Pa was a sharecropper and a respected man among the other farmers in the area…around town they still refer to him as “Mr. Lee”

Mr Lee

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Wherein the boys clean-out Nancy’s Candy Factory…

Nancy's Candy

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After a great 4th of July weekend with the grandkids, the boys and I are taking a road trip to Virginia to visit the grandparents (and great grandpa!). We arrived yesterday and after a good night’s sleep, headed-up the Blue Ridge Parkway for some breakfast at Mabrey Mill. We come here often when we’re visiting the family. It’s a great drive up the mountain and the scenery is breathtaking…

Mabry Mill

and the obligatory family-in-front-of-the-old-mill picture is…


They used to make molasses, apple butter, and cornmeal using the old farm methods, but in recent years, the health department said they couldn’t do it any more because it wasn’t “safe”. Of course, it had been done this way for more than 100-years…well, anyway.

You can still see inside the working mill…

Inside the Wheel House

and learn about moonshine, blacksmithing, weaving cotton, and playing checkers with little corncob checkers…

Checkers Checkers

and best of all, to stroll down memory lane remembering the boys first visit to Mabry Mill…(then and now)

Adam and Alex in the Wagon Adam and Alex in the Wagon

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Here’s looking at you, America…


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Hard to believe, but were heading out on the water AGAIN! Today, we have Jess and Emilo and family, plus Kameran’s plus one. So, we’ll be taking out a pontoon boat…and this Sweatwater beauty means we’ll be riding in STYLE


Soon, the brood is onboard and we’re underway…


We don’t really have anything planned today. Just cruise up the St Johns into Jax and maybe we’ll spy a dolphin or two. It was great just to relax and enjoy the time together.

Mom and Dad

Alex Surfs Adam and Oliver

Jess and CJ

And of course, with all these mates, I don’t have to sit behind the wheel…

Adam Drives Kam Drives

And Cindy even get’s in a little Rodan+Fields work…what a GREAT office!

Cindy Works

We docked at the Jacksonville Landing, and walked around the restaurants and shops for a bit. Since it was Sunday, a lot of them were closed. Still, it was nice to get out and stretch our legs a bit, before climbing back on board and heading up the river to see if we could see some Dolphins.

Jax Landing

Emilo took the wheel as we headed under the Main Street bridge. While the kids kept their eyes open for dolphins, I just enjoyed the sunshine.

Watching for Dolphins

And it didn’t take long before we saw a entire POD!

Dolphin Pod Dolphin Pod

We were able to get pretty close as they swam alongside the boat.

Dolphin Close

After the dolphin show, we took Jessica Lorraine to see the Jessica Lorraine

Jessica Lorraine Jessica Lorraine

It was a great day! Everyone was a bit tired, but still wore a smile…except for those that were asleep!

Kam and Oliver

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Here’s Uncle Alex and Uncle Adam at the beach with their Niece, Kameran. It won’t be long before Kam has her driver’s license and her Uncle’s will be bumming rides!

Kam and the Boys

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