June 2016

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Just like Ike and Tina, we’re spending another day just rollin’ on the river! After all, what else is there to do on a day like today?

Family Dad

Not much going on today in Jax. In fact, there weren’t too many boats on the water at all. It was nice to kinda have the river all to ourselves. Anyway, we took the boys to The Landing for ice cream, and otherwise just enjoyed the warm sun and the wind on our faces

Boat Span Boat Span Boat Span

Naturally, Adam had to get behind the wheel. Alex wasn’t really interested in driving the boat today, rather he wanted to to feel the rush of wind in his face as we sprinted across the water!

Adam Drives Alex in the Wind

Life doesn’t get much better than this. 🙂

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What’s SUMMER without a POOL PARTY?

Pool Party

And it was EXHAUSTING!

… for the kids, too 😉

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The summer is in full-swing, which calls for a day at the beach! Anastasia State Park is just gorgeous…and you can still drive on the beach!!

Boys at the Beach

Boys at the Beach Boys at the Beach

As philosophers, Brian Wilson and Mike Love, once noted,


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This year we ordered new magic bands with our Disney Annual Passes. The boys (and Cindy) were getting tired of the Grey bands we USED to have! Me? I just don’t understand why things have to CHANGE!

Magic Bands

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Adam and Charlie

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I came across this picture today. This was my high school circa 1962, which was the year before I was born…


13-years later, I’d be sitting in one of those classrooms. By that time, the high school had expanded to to the left of these buildings, and this would be a photo of what had become Orange Park Middle School.

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