May 2016

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The school year is over for the boys and to kick-off the summer, we heading down to Disney Hollywood Studios–which happens to be my favorite of the Disney theme parks!

DHS Entrance

So much to do! First things first: The Rockin’ Rollercoaster…

Rockin Rollercoaster Entrance


Rockin Rollercoaster

What else? There are 3D specs and Jawas…

3D Specs Jawa Boys

and a couple Storm Troopers harass an old lady on her scooter…


which turned-out to be a prelude to a little storm trooper recruiting by Captain Phasma of the First Order…

Anyway, it wasn’t all about Star Wars. There was “Pigs in Space”…

Pigs in Space

and the live Frozen show, which was absolutely hilarious!!


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Charlie is SO FLUFFY!


A fact that certainly wouldn’t be lost on Agnes…


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Today, me and my buddies went to see, “Captain America: Civil War”. It was AWESOME! The boys LOVE Ant Man! Frankly. I like Black Widow…rest assured, the boys will come around in a few years, and will like her, too! 😉


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Today, Cindy has her “Big Business Launch” for Rodan+Fields, so she wants us out of her hair. What better way is there to accomplish this, than to spend a day on the water??

Captain Crew

It’s a beautiful day and the boys take turns driving the boat…

Adam Drives Alex Drives

Coming into Jax, we see the drawbridge down to let a train cross the river, so we use the small boat span to enter The Landing…

Small Boat Span

We head-up the St Johns to the Jacksonville Landing for lunch (and some ice cream), then we walk across the Main Street Bridge to Friendship Park…

Dad and the Boys

The boys have a great time running around the park! Especially, “Super Alex”…

Super Alex

What a great day! One the way home, the boys succumb to fatigue and let the movement of the boat rock them to sleep…

Adam Out Alex Out

There’s NO WAY Cindy had as much fun as we did!!

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Well, here it is, Day 3 of our Disney Cruise Adventure. Today, we’re visiting Disney’s private island, “Castaway Cay.”

Castaway Cay

Nothing to do today except lay in the sun, swim in the ocean, and explore the island…oh, and grab some photos with some Disney celebrities…

Daisey Pluto Daisey

The water was absolutely beautiful. Adam and I did a little snorkeling, but we mainly just floated in the water…

Floating Floating
Floating Floating

After lunch, Adam and I borrowed a couple of bikes and explored the island, while Mom and Alex soaked-up more sun and water…

Directions Anchor

And that’s about it! We stayed on the beach all day long and were among the last people to board the boat for the overnight trip back to Port Canaveral. Once back aboard, we still had some daylight left, so we went up to the pool deck to do even more swimming and enjoy the sunset…oh, and the boys had a blast in the “Aqua Duck”, the ships water roller coaster…

After dinner, the boys were out like a light! Tomorrow morning, we’ll be docking at Port Canaveral and will soon be on our way back home. It was a whirlwind cruise, and the memories we made together were priceless!

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Day two of our Disney Cruise and Adam is up with the sun! So, he and I head topside for the sunrise, a cup of coffee for me and a hot chocolate for Adam. We’ll be docking in Nassau pretty soon…

Adam Sunrise Early Topside

There’s virtually no one up here! Adam and I have the whole deck to ourselves!

Fore Aft

After breakfast we have to stop and meet Jake. Alex always has his autograph book handy, for just such an occasion. With Jake’s name in the book, we’re ready to head into Nassau. Our destination? Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis resort. As we exit the ship, I notice they’re already out cleaning the hull. This is the cleanest cruise ship I’ve ever seen!

Nassau Cleaning the Boat

Anyway, at Dolphin Cay, we suit-up for our dolphin encounter.

Mom and the boys Dad and the boys

Family at Atlantis

To be honest, we were a little worried about how Alex would react to the dolphin, but he took to it, like Sandy Ricks took to Flipper! We all got to spend some one-on-one time with her, then she posed with us for a family picture.

Splash A kiss for Alex
Adam rubs her belly Mom and dolphin

Family and dolphin photo

After our time with the dolphin was over, we strolled through the aquarium at the Atlantis resort. The boys were sporting their new stuffed sharks…which I guess are cooler than dolphins? But, hey, as Adam says, I’d rather swim with a dolphin than a ‘big white shark’…


We got back to the ship in the late afternoon. We had plenty of time before we had to dress for dinner, so we took in a movie: Disney’s The Jungle Book in 3-D…

Jungle Book

After the movie, we changed into our swimming trunks and went up to the pool deck. We wanted to hot the water for a bit and catch the sunset and the pirate show.

Hook Entertainment Hook Entertainment

F-i-n-a-l-l-y…it’s time to get ready for dinner. The food was great, as usual! By the time dinner was over; Alex was OUT!

Alex is out

So, I take Alex back to the room. Tonight, the steward has prepared a little Tiki God to greet us…

Tiki God

While I put Alex to bed, Mom and Adam head up to the pool deck for some fireworks…


Off to bed soon; tomorrow is another busy day!

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Today’s the BIG day! We’ve embarked on our Disney Cruise! The boys are very excited (and so is mom and dad)! We arrive at Port Canaveral about 1:00 to board the…

Disney Dream

While the stewards made their way to our stateroom with our luggage, we headed to the pool deck to enjoy a drink or two.


Soon, we’re underway…


After waiving good-bye to Port Canaveral, we head down to our stateroom to change into our swimming trunks, for some splash time in the pool before we have to get dressed for dinner. The stateroom was AWESOME. We had a veranda on the starboard side of the ship. I spent a LOT of time just sitting out there and enjoying the fresh sea air.


We had the second seating for dinner and by the time we were done, it was getting pretty late. The busy day was taking it’s toll on Alex, who sought refuge in any port(hole) in the storm…

Alex Porthole

Of course, when Captain Mickey and Minnie showed for photos, Alex perked right up!

Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Adam, well, not so much. He wanted to go back to the room and relax before going to bed. So, while Mom took pictures with Alex, I took Adam back to the room. When we get there, we see the steward had left a swan to greet us…


Of course, Adam wasn’t all that impressed. He was quickly into his pajama’s and kicking back on mom and dad’s bed for his kick-back time.

Kicking Back

Soon, it’s off to bed for all of us. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

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