April 2016

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Adam loves baseball. He is always wearing that glove. He sleeps with that glove. What do you think he’s watching? You guessed it! Thank goodness for MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV!!

Baseball Glove

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This week, I’m working in North Carolina near my home town of Mayberry (yes, that’s really where I’m from). My folks live just up the road, so I stopped in for a few hours to visit. On the way back to my hotel, I snapped this picture of Mount Pilot (a.k.a. Pilot Mountain) through the windshield of my rental car. It makes me wonder how many trips Andy and Opie made there…

Mount Pilot

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Today was another great day in sunny Florida! So we took the boat out for a bit this afternoon and floated leisurely up Durbin Creek. The boys were disappointed that we weren’t going to get up to “super fast” speed, but I piqued their interest when I told ’em to look out for alligators.

Looking for Alligators

Well, we didn’t spot any alligators, just a bunch of turtles. They thought that was pretty cool, too…

LFive Turtles

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A big step for Alex this afternoon. The boys were invited to a birthday pool party for their friend at the community center. After some pizza, the boys all hit the pool. Alex, who normally stays close to the edge ventured into the middle of the pool! He’ll be swimming across it soon!

Alex in the middle of the pool

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The oranges on the tree in the back yard are almost ready for picking…


and the orange blossoms SMELL. SO. GOOD!


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Cindy is off doing some scrap-booking, so me and the boys head up to Gators Dockside for dinner and to watch a little baseball. We sit outside, which is good, because the boys really got into the game!

Watching baseball with my buddies

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