March 2016

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It’s Easter Sunday and the boys awoke to find their Easter baskets…candy, candy, candy…

Easter Baskets

and pool toys, which is good because…

HGV Waterfall

After a great day in the pool and playing a little catch in the courtyard, we enjoy a nice dinner to round-out the weekend.

Me and Cindy

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Wanting to just get away from it all, we travel to Orlando to spend the weekend at our Hilton Grand Vacations resort. Nothing planned, really, just dinner on the town and hanging-out by the pool…

HGV Pool

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So, we’re spending a few days in Alabama visiting the (grown) kids and grandkids. Today we’re off to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center with the boys and Kameran.

Entrance to Rocket Center

Before we enter the Rocket Center, we can’t help but notice a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird on outside display…

SR-71 Blackbird

Naturally, this requires the USAF legacy airman to capture a selfie with this USAF legacy aircraft, and then one with the boys, of course…

Me and SR-71 Boys and SR-71

Once inside, there was so much to see and do…especially for the kids. There were a lot of educational displays, simulations, a centrifuge, etc. so on…

Alex in the Time Tunnel

Inside the main exhibit hall, there was a full-size Saturn V rocket…

Saturn V

and the actual Command Module from the Apollo 16 mission…

Apollo 16

Of course, Alex and Kam would rather enjoy some zero gravity inside the lunar module…

Adam and Kam

and snap a pic or two (or three) inside a space capsule trainer. Kam is riding fashionably on the outside of the capsule…

Adam and Kam

Alex Alex in the Capsule

There was so much to do and see, and we had a great time. Of course, by the end of the day, Adam was all photo’d out, as you can see…


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I wonder who’s playing this video game?

Batman Game

OF COURSE! I shoulda known!!


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Today is a BIG day! Alex was recognized at school with a Character Counts! Award, “The Pillar of Trustworthiness”…

Alex Trustworthiness Alex Trustworthiness

Even “Durbie the Explorer” was there…which, I understand is a BIG DEAL!

Alex Trustworthiness

We’re very proud of Alex…and he’s pretty impressed with himself, too…

Alex Trustworthiness

as he should be…

Alex Trustworthiness

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Today is Opening Day for the Spring Little League Baseball season! Alex didn’t want to play this season, as we’re still wrapping-up Basketball season, and he didn’t want to miss any games. But Adam (top row, second from the left) leans baseball and is playing for the Braves this year…

MSA Braves

Let’s see: Baseball, CHECK! Basketball, CHECK! Throw in a football and we’ve got it covered! 🙂

Adam Adam

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